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Does Webbo have a girlfriend?



  • Blimey Guv! - that's the working title, apparently.
  • edited November 2010
    An alternative title could be Webbo's Wooings.
  • Webbo: My Willy and I - the true story of the man behind the web.
  • Sounds like a limp story BB
  • Actually, it's called 'Passion by the Pond' and I have ghostwritten it for him (my darling webbo is too busy editing writers' news). It will be out in time for Christmas, so put it on your wishlists now!
  • Passion by the Pond? Wouldn't that frighten the frogs?
  • Might actually attract a few Jenny, if Willy is anywhere to be found. (I'm thinking in terms of long, skinny, wiggly things.)
  • In my (limited) experience, ponds tend to pong. I wouldn't want to get close to a smelly Willy.
  • [quote=Baggy Books] I wouldn't want to get close to a smelly Willy. [/quote]

  • Oh, you DO bring the tone down, baggster! Webbo and I enjoyed moments of pure passion beside the pond, which is not at all pongy but had plantings of pretty perennials around the perimeter.
  • Would that include a clinging, climbing clematis Lolli?
  • Sounds very fragrant. But I'm talking about his mate Willy.
  • Isn't Willy the secret twin brother of Webbo?
  • I believe they are related.

    Obviously Lolli knows more than me.
  • Yes she does seem to have more familiarity with Willy than others on TB
  • [quote=Jenny]Isn't Willy the secret twin brother of Webbo? [/quote]
    I've heard they're inseparable.
  • Is there a Wally as well?
  • There's Where's Wally isn't there. We have all the books.
  • I thought they were triplets - at least.
  • Webbo (o darling boy) was all on his own at Swanwick. As for the whereabouts of Willy and Wally, I believe
    they were the chappies in Wellies. looking after the animals that give us woolies in the field over yonder. Obviously Willy And wally can get a bit smelly when it's time for sheep dipping an shearing, some of the sheep not being house trained at all, but I tend to stay upwind.

    [quote=dora]clinging, climbing clematis[/quote] Most definitely, a carmine coloured clinging climbing clematis and some flourishing fragrant flowers, lovely lemon lilies and deliciously delightful daphnes
  • *tries not to think about Willy in rubber*
  • Ooh Willy in rubber? Is there a scratch and sniff edition out yet?
  • I think I read somewhere there's going to be a scratch and sniff card in the next issue of the mag.
  • Don't scratch too hard then. Can't stand the smell of burning rubber.
  • [quote=Baggy Books]I think I read somewhere there's going to be a scratch and sniff card in the next issue of the mag. [/quote]

    Is this true?
  • I don't subscribe any more. I don't know.
  • Hmm. I think we'd have heard by now.
  • why? how much noise does a scratch and sniffer make?
  • Depends on the strength of the rubber.
  • and one's inner tubing
  • ..and how big your hooter is.
  • I think someone would have told us about it on TB.

    I could do with some rubber right now.
  • Just any old rubber will do, will he?

    Only there's plenty of rubbers in prison I reckon you could order one up like pizza delivery if you wheeelie wanted.
  • Yes that's right, O'Riley is his name.

    Blimey O'Riley. The life (sentence) of Riley.
  • O I C A Q

    I 8 2Q B 4 I P
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