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  • Hi All
    I started going to the gymn, get myself in trim for Christmas etc
    Anyway they got this new machine in, I tried it for an hour but it made me feel sick. It did everything though

    Mars Bars, Kit Kats, Crunchies, crisps, Coke (Diet of Course) :-))))))))))))
  • That's so funny!
    Weird thing is I did join a gym today and it was a hard slog but I did enjoy it and best of all they have a sauna (none those fantastic machines you mention though!)
  • very funny, like it!
  • Love it!
  • Ha ha. So much for getting trim!
  • I love that!  (Love chocolate too).
  • A whole new concept in fitness training!
  • That reminds me, I need to get fit.  A Jane Fonda video should do the trick.  Think I'll start with 'On Golden Pond.'
  • LOL  at that one Bekz. 
  • Just have a good shag every now and again.  Well, it keeps ME in reasonable shape! 

    You see, if you wrote that in a novel it would be fine.  But if you have the temerity to write that on a writers' website, you'll have Webbo or the like coming down on you (and I realise it's not Webbo's fault).

    That's the only thing I dislike about this website.  That you might say stuff that might offend many people.  As long as we don't mention sex or any swear words, then things are fine.

    Actually, that's not the way EVERY single person communicates in speech, or writing or is published.  Check that out.

    Meanwhile, I keep fit by doing my physical jerks over my bloke.  OK?!!
  • TT, what brought this on?  I find I get away with quite a bit. I have used words close to the edge but in a context that, I believe, lets you get away with it. I would never be offended by words like shag, it's the best word to use in sexual humour of a rumpy pumpy nature. Hope the pounds are still falling off.
  • Marc, my pounds fall off.  And, let's face it, this is from someone who has a ham sandwich (gasp) every lunchtime!! 

    So now we have the fitness question. Hmmm.  It would be good to say exactly how my fitness keeps up to standard.  However, we have the Writers News Police on the case and you have to couch things, therefore, in certain terms.  Makes me laugh when I consider it's supposed to be a writers' website. 

    It is a shame they feel they have to stultify things to the extent where people can't speak naturally.  That's my problem.  I don't swear all day long (I'd get the sack) but I THINK these things and that's what comes out in my writing.  If that is constantly censored, then My God, it won't get finished!

    Meanwhile, back at the gym - which is our double bed.... (see? I haven't sworn once!)
  • Well really TessaTangent,

    "Webbo or the like coming down on you"

    That might suggest all we male Talkbackers form a queue?

    Plain speaking, highly commended, I vote in support.
  • Nice one, Jan.  I have to giggle at that because I am sparing some precious free time to nip in and out of WN tonight. 

    I mean, honestly!!  I do get exasperated by the whole thing... when I can pick up a book like "Elephant" by David Grant that I can read at the moment and have him saying "well, f*** me sideways" at certain points. 

    THAT person got published.  We are on a so-called writers' website.  Marvellous.  Hurrah.  But I really don't believe that we all have to speak as though we've been brought up by the Queen.
  • Obviously, that is something that really pees me off.
  • I always avoid reading the rules unless absolutely necesary so I haven't felt inhibited by Talkback's rules.
  • Oh, I think our Webbo has a fairly understanding nature. He only jumps in if he REALLY thinks things are getting out of hand. (No pun intended) The only time I have witnessed him pull things off Talkback have been well and truly deserving of his discipline. I think as responsible people, we know when to draw the line. I think it's probably a good idea not to use language that's too ripe on here, though, because you never know for sure who's 'lurking' in the background reading what we write - very young children for instance.

    I go for a walk to try to lose weight but it always follows me home. Grrr. And very often it arrives 10 minutes before me!
  • I have just looked back on my last post and have counted up all my 'I thinks' and have come to a startling conclusion. I think I must be a thinker. So what do you think of that?
  • On the lines of;

    I think therefore I am?
  • IG  Just think along the write lines
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