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  • If you click on Links in the lefthand menu and then on Other Writers Sites, there are some familiar TB names listed with their websites.
  • Thanks I didn't know that before. I saw Jay's name and web site. How do you get on the list?
  • I think they mentioned it in one of the magazines some time ago. If you drop Webbo a line, I expect he can put your details on.
  • Thanks Jenny, I hadn't seen that either!  Some interesting sites there.
  • It's beautiful - just not enough of it!
  • So I had to go and look at Yvonne Carsley's hair. Serious diversionary tactic! There is also a whole page on how she looks after it. I read it all. There is something wrong with me.
  • Does she write about hair or is she obsessed with it?!!
  • Resurrecting this post in order to ask if it is ok to place a link to this forum on my blog..?

    Just made a new page and it needs filling..ha ha..xx

  • edited July 2011
    Perhaps a link to the whole site might be useful, and that way people can find all the useful stuff as well as Talkback.
    I'm sure Webbo would be happy...
  • Good idea Carol.. Thanks..x
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