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Google Earth

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  • Hi All
    Anyone seen the new version of Google Earth, fabulous - if your in to the Universe etc.
    Has some superb images of the universe and detailed descriptions


    Whats more it's free to download
  • I love looking at Google Earth!  I like finding tiny islands - I saw a coral reef (ring type) island once, and in the middle of the lagoon was another tiny island with a house on it.  I was trying to imagine who might want to live there.  I think I'd be a bit lonely.
  • I've been trying to zero in on my house but it's too blurry.
  • I get more or less the same IG, but it doesn't sound as blurry as yours
    What do you think of the 'Sky' section
    zipping through space :-)))))
  • I found my house and I was amazed and it was also a little scary.  I could even see my backyard shed and the big old mulberry tree and even the speed hump in the street outside my front gate.  Not nice to see such detail about a quiet street in such an out of the way place but marvellous though.
  • It must depend on where the pics were taken from. I've zoomed in to a couple of my friends' houses in other states and my sons' who live in the capital and the shots are not too bad. I can see my town reasonably well and can zoom in to a certain degree but when I try to get closer, it becomes a mass of blurry pixels.
    I looked up the Pyramids - very clear.
  • Big Brother is watching you.
  • Hubby was having a look at ours on it the other day. The house was blurry, but our garden looked like a jungle compared to all the other neat ones around.
  • It's allowed - you've got children.
  • Thanks.
    It also has wildlife, toads, frogs, dragonflies, crickets etc. Nice to sit out on a warm evening and just listen to nature.
  • Carol, that's my excuse for our rather overgrown garden - it's full of wildlife.
  • This year it's gone over the top, mainly because of the heavy rain, then the warmth etc. Just as there was time to deal with the excess it rained again. So we made inroads into the worst bits over the August Bank Holiday.
    So now it is still wild, but we can get around better, and reach the fruit.
  • The new Google space is ok if you know what your're looking at otherwise it just a load of shiney dots.  Hey!  we could all provide our locations and see each others homes or at least where we live. For me type in Lamphey, Pembrokeshire. You should come across a circle of detached properties and I'm one of them.
  • How the heck do you start with Google Earth?  I've got it but don't know how you find individual places...  Can you help?
  • Launch Google and and simply type location in to the 'fly to box'.
  • Marc - There's a very pretty alpaca on the lamphey.net website!
  • well if there is I didn't put it there.  Are you sure you're not looking at Lamphey, Peru??
  • When I say my location is blurry, I don't mean my house. I mean I can't even see 10 blocks out from it. I can see the bulk of the town but as soon as I start to narrow it down, it pixelates to blazes.
  • http://www.manorhousewildanimalpark.co.uk/

    Looks like a good place to visit - and easier to get to than Peru!
  • Unfortunately, not for me. It may as well be Mars. Grrr
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