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Where are my manners? and name my art gallery...

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  • Where are my manners?
    Hello Talkbackers, it’s good to read you all.
    Having only recently acquired a computer, and lamented at some of the various forums I’ve found, this one’s a refreshing change.  I was starting to think that the internet was like the telly – so many channels and nothing on.  Or is that water, water everywhere? Please forgive me if I’m a little strange from time to time, but this is only because I’m finding my feet with e-communication (APPARENTLY THIS IS SHOUTING etc.) and there is probably a ‘forum etiquette’ of which I know nothing.

    I’ll only be here from time to time due to the full time day job, which I don’t intend to quit, two children under five years old and the art gallery I’m trying to open in my house.  On that subject, can anyone help with a good name for my gallery?
    Here’s a little bit about it…

    I aim to create the first art gallery in Leicester’s west end. (Why? Because I can!) I will exhibit artwork in the ground floor windows of my home so that it is visible to all who pass by but there will be no access to my house for the public.
    I will be charging a minimal commission and I reserve the right to waive it whenever I feel like it. I don't want to make money, just have some cool art work in my windows. (If I print poems on A1 size paper I can impose these on passers by too, just a thought...)

    “The Occasional Gallery”?
    “The Ad hoc Art Co”?
        This is worse than naming my children…
  • Passing (something)it's just a case of finding a suitable description.
    Good luck.
  • Footfalls
  • Just looking?
  • Hi EH. Great idea!

    Window Frames

    Lookout Art



    Artichoke (if it's really controversial!!)

    descARTes (if it's modern geometrical stuff)
  • stop stART
  • Casero - home in Spanish
  • Hi EH

    How about "Window Shopping"
  • Welcome! enjoy Talkback!  I'm all out of inspiration this morning ...
  • How about "The Looking Glass Gallery"?

    And welcome to Talkback, of course!
  • Yo EH and welcome

    Art For Arts Sake
  • Hi, and welcome to Talkback.
  • Art for the heart?
  • Thank you all for saying hello to me and for the great suggestions.
    “The Looking Glass Gallery” is a fabulous name but unfortunately there’s a bar just around the corner called the Looking Glass (it was formerly a mirror shop). I’m still tempted though… do you think I could get away with naming my gallery this too?
    Footfalls is clever, and I really like Window Frames / Shopping.  LookoutArt and The Pane of Creation also look good aesthetically and may lead to the creation of some kind of logo.
    I have given myself until next weekend to make my mind up! 
    The prize to the winner is purely that I’ll tell anyone who asks the web-name of the ‘author’, and you’ll know you named a art gallery.  Please keep suggestions coming.

        I’ve considered the light problem.  Luckily my house faces in such a way that hardly any direct sunlight comes in through my windows, bad for my plants but beneficial for art.  I’ve also contacted the local Uni to ask for advice (quote) “Will I need tinted or special glass to prevent fading of artworks?  I have only been able to find yellow tinted ‘sticky back plastic' as yet, and feel this may reduce the appearance of the display.”
  • Hi EH
    Regarding the name 'The Looking Glass Gallery'
    As recently explained in another topic regarding names copyright etc I have looked into it.
    I used to make Dolls Houses professionally and called myself 'Manor Homes'
    Unknown to me there was a builder of substantial standing in the area called 'Manor Homes'
    I was left with one of two choices. Change it or risk possible legal action.

    So I checked it out, this is what I found apart from the original owner of the company 'Manor Homes' wasn't to bothered about it

    If a business name exists in your town then you could be seen as copying that name. This is more important to remember as the original may be registered
    However; Like my 'Manor Homes' all I needed to do was add 'Dolls House and Miniature Specialist' to the title (better known as a sub-title)
    Therefore I can see no problem because you have included the word 'Gallery' in yours therefore making that distinction between yourself and the local bar

    I also ran a check with my domain name host and the website name www.thewebsitegallery.co.uk does not exist, so if you wanted to register that name it's available. go to www.hostireland.com I have actually just renewed mine and am buying another, surprisingly very inexpensive

    Hope that helps
  • My suggestions:


    Jut Looking

    Peeping Tom

    Window Wonders

    By the way, Nice to meet you and welcome to Talkback.
  • If you are keen on The Looking Glass why not pop in an see the manager. Explain your concept and also ask if you could hang some of the art in his bar. You could have contact details and price under neath. The bar gets free rotating art for their decor and you will mention them in all press releases giving them free publicity. I'm sure this is the kind of story local press would find interesting. It would add a great credence to the manager and brewery to be associated with supporting local art.
  • Never thought of that IT. A pub near where I live used to do just that. Artist sold quite a few of his paintings
  • Welcome E.Hickey and good luck.

    Umm... just one niggle (you'll soon realise I can be a bit of a killjoy) this may be interpreted as a business venture by your local authority.

    It would be wise to check with your planning office and council revenues officer, before instigating events on site.
  • Just reminded me Jan
    Also EH sorry to sound a killjoy, if as jan said they do find out. Something else you must think about.

    Is your property private ie have you a mortgage on it. If yes the mortgage vendors need to know, that just isn't a rule of the vendors. it will form part of any mortgage contract. Normally as long as they know and it doesn't devalue the property they are happy with it

    But go for it if you are the only one in the town
  • I was reticent at first but now I’m really glad I posted the info on the galley because you’ve all been very helpful. 
    I hadn’t thought of contacting the bank. Umm, banks are scary.

    On Bars
    Many of the bars in this area do sell artwork already, if slightly nicotine stained, but I’ve never heard of anyone actually displaying artwork in their house in quite in the way I’m planning.  I have found one other art gallery which is inhabited: http://www.fermynwoods.co.uk/introduction/index.htm  The home page has a picture.
    I’ve tried to sell poems in bars – “buy a handwritten copy of this poem from behind the bar” but been told that people are happy just to read them on the walls, rather like official graffiti.  I did sell some at a local music festival with my “poems for pence” sign.  I made enough for two beers and an onion bhaji.  (bargee if you say it with a local accent)
    If anyone else is thinking of trying this, I like to note that love poems sell well and heart shaped paper seems popular with love-struck but slightly sozzled young men.

    On the Gallery
    My investigations have revealed that no planning permission or licence is needed because I’m not ‘changing to business use’, there will be no access to the property and I’m not ‘advertising’.  None of the local council departments seem in the least bit interested, other than to know when I open so they can walk by on their way home from work.

    The conversation with my insurance company took far longer.
    I explained my plan and asked if I’d be covered on my existing policy whether I’d need business insurance.
    The call centre employee didn’t know and asked a manager, the manager didn’t know and went away to find a supervisor, who want away to find out. Much tinkly music later, a tired sounding insurance-salesman supervisor concluded that I would be insured if  “I carried out no more than three exhibitions a year and the total value of each item didn’t exceed two grand”.
    Stumped at the question “how long does each exhibition have to run for in order to be defined as an exhibition” and therefore “can I run them concurrently?” he too, went away to find out.  They called me back two days later.
    The Underwriter had spoken. They spoke her name with reverence and sounded rather pleased with themselves. They told me that “because old ladies (!) frequently display ornaments in their windows, the Insurance Company had concluded that this activity was covered by my usual policy and no additional monies or policy amendments needed by added”.
    “Lovely” says I, “can I have that in writing, you know, so that my Mum doesn’t worry?”
    “No problem madam” was the reply.
  • Glad to hear you haven't had any problems insurance wise.
  • The West End Art House is finally open!

    Not 'writing' related (sorry)
    Is there anyone in the Midlands with artworks that they wish to display for free, or sell for only 10% commission?
  • Wow Hickey - well done! This sounds like a really original venture and there are many talented artists on TB (NC springs to mind because she has recently given access to some of her work)
    Good luck :)
  • Well done Hickey - next time I'm in Leicester I will come and see it.
  • Congratulations Hickey! :-)
  • Well done Hickey, hope it is a great success.
  • Hickey: I have a good friend who's a semi-professional landscape photographer (and a magnificent one at that). He's based in Hereford. He's had some time out due to illness, but is starting to get things together again and I'm sure he'd be interested. Whisper me your details and I will be happy to pass them on!
  • Well done you!
  • I would be absolutely delighted, Neph' :-)
    Yes please!
    and thank you.
  • Amboline, yes please! and thank you ;-)
  • Well done and let us know the reaction of passers by.
  • Well done Hickey!
  • Thanks for the supportive comments (even though this is not a 'writing' thread!)

    I now have two artists, filling two of the four bay windows downstairs.
    I've had one disappointed juggler call me (not the type of art I can display in the window, I'm afraid, so I passed her onto my friend who's organising a mini Camden style market festival in Leicester: The Old Mill, for anyone who knows Leicester, Frog Island near that old and famously haunted pub, site of the last Riff Raff fesival, cool warehouse type job, keep an eye out for flyers)

    I've had one weirdo who keeps texting me, and hasn't yet become bored with the 'fun' of it, and one other art gallery call to see what I was up to!
    Apparently they opened three months ago and are called The West End Gallery. :-(
    I refused to change my name coz they're not even IN the west end, so there. And anyway I'm The West End "Art House", so...

    People ARE stopping! People are looking! Children are pointing and saying 'What's that mommy?" (!!??)
    One lady even stood for a good 10 minutes looking at the main display.
    he he he (jigging around the room doing a silly dance)
    EVERYONE should sell art from their front room. It makes ya feel great :-)
  • Glad it's getting attention. :)
  • What an amazing idea!
  • Hurray for end-terrace houses: so many windows, so little art (as yet)
    WAY better than boring white net curtains. Why do people hang all those colourful curtains facing inwards?
  • Unfortunately Hicky no-one walks by my front room window other than the postie and a few hoodies that live round the block.
  • Hickey sounds like it's going well - well done you. :D
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