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Washing up competition



  • Why NOT Jan?
  • Well said, Amboline!

    Betsie, I also believe that I can write something on any theme; I have produced a piece for the painter/decorator comp and have an idea for the washing up one, but they won't be my favourite stories. The mundane theme is a chain around the ankle of imagination (ha!), and gives the impression that the WN/WM primarily target low-brow authors with low ambition.
  • Hello Stan,

    Breaking pieces of china deliberately would have been a lie. I did not wish to start a lifetime partnership with false communications.

    That's the serious answer. The light version would be, because we had limited (two) plates. In those days it was perfectly acceptable to receive "hand-me-down" items from various members of ones families. Our first 'fridge came and was passed on, only recently becoming a donation to the recycling centre.
  • Thanks Jan - my ? was tongue in cheek. Where else would my tongue be? Answers on a postcard, please.
  • I sometimes find the themes a bit limiting (especially as I'd quite like to have a go at sci-fi/fantasy short fiction), but I also quite enjoy the challenge of coming up with something a bit "different" which fits the theme.

    The story I submitted for the Painter/Decorator competition had an 18 year old who decorated kids' rooms for a living for the protagonist ... no idea how that will go down, but at least it was interesting to write!

  • Yes Stan,

    I am aware that your comments are often tongue-in-cheek. We need to maintain the lighthearted banter alive.

    Afraid I'm too tight to spend money on postcards, my suggestions for other places to park your tongue include;
    roof of your mouth,
    touching your nose,
    and of course you might consider sharing it with a loved one.
  • I started writing on Washing Up this morning at 6.30am and by 7.30am had typed 900 words. My school days came rushing to me. But I must say there is a lot of deviation.
  • Do you remember that radio programme where you had to talk for a minute without hestitation,deviation or repetition?
  • Stan - That's Just a Minute - and it's still going on Radio 4 at 6.30pm (don't know which day).
    No deviation, repetition or hesitation!
  • My Dad was christened Stanley. You can under-stan why he  couldn't stan con-stan-ly being call Stan and so called himself Jack and felt in-stan-tly better for it. At least it shows he was able to stan up for himself in such circum-stan-ses.
  • "Just a minute" is broadcast on Monday evenings.
  • And I think it's repeated Sunday lunchtime.
  • Repetition on Sunday without hesitation.
  • I enjoyed the jokes Welshman. Now my Welsh wife would like them in Welsh, please!!
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    [quote=Jay Mandal]February's short story competition 'Washing up' has to be about a fourteen-year-old girl called Mary. According to The Guinness Book of Names, it wasn't in 1993's top fifty. Come on, where are the Rebeccas, Charlottes, Lauras, Amys, Emmas and Jessicas? [/quote]

    I THOUGHT I recognised an odd repetition somewhere. This quote of Jay's comes from January 2007!!!!! (See "Who's in September 10 magazines" thread)
  • edited August 2010
    Hi, IG. Just been catching up. Now I'm off to try to catch up on my sleep. Counting sheep. Mary had a little sheep.
  • Really fantastic to see you back, Jay. Mary Mary, quite contrary, why does your bedroom glow? ;)
  • Thanks, IG.

    Why does her bedroom glow exactly? Does she live near Sellafield/Windscale (sp?)?
  • I was amazed to see this topic surfacing again, because I won the 'Washing Up' competition. My Mary was a girl trafficked from an African village to a UK brothel.
  • brilliant!
  • I think the question of names deserves a whole new thread.
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