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Name changes

edited December 2006 in - WM and WN


  • Why do we get sudden name changes? My comments seem to appear with my password not my normal log in name. Jay has obviously had ths prblem, anyone else?
  • Touch wood - I haven't as yet, but then perhaps I have and not noticed.
  • It happened to me recently as well. Really strange, like an out of body experience.
  • I enjoyed being Jay for a while! It was nice to be a published book author and know my book was selling well on Amazon! :-)
  • Oh my god! I'm not me - I should be Anyanka, but for some reason am logged in as Carol. Thanks for drawing my attention to that. I wonder if anybody else is me? If you know what I mean.

    Think I'll go find myself a nice mushroom to nibble, see if I can make it through that tiny little door...
  • Ah, that's better.
  • I will log on and see if I'm me.
  • Yes at this moment I'm me, fortunately.
  • I'm me, I'm nobody else but me. Boop-oop-ee-doo.
  • And I'm still Kangaroo!
  • I think I'm me. I don't think I've been taken over.
  • And I am still me - yippee!
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