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Calling Webbo!

edited October 2006 in - WM and WN


  • It's October and there's you still in shirtsleeves - and short shirtsleeves * at that! Don't you think you should be wearing something warmer?!!

    * Try saying "short shirtsleeves" quickly three times!
  • Webbo might be exuding his hidden Aussie side. We're just beginning to feel the bite of that lovely summer sun now.
  • The month might suggest temperate times but english weather is still too mild to warrant winter warmers. I am still seeing people wearing shorts and sandals in the most unlikely locations.
  • I must have thin blood. I have to admit to having put the heating on three days ago - although yesterday afternoon I turned it off as it was quite mild. It didn't last of course, so the heating is back on.
  • He's probably working on it at this moment.
  • Does he have to read every single message? Strewth!! What effect would that have on anyone?!!
  • Drive them downright bonkers or bosseyed or perhaps even both. Poor dear Webbo.
  • Jay - Just explained on the back issues thread that it was me, not Schumi.
  • He probably has a list of words that are verbotten, and when one appears his computer beeps or a light flashes, and he comes and sorts us out.
  • Any time, day or night!!!
  • Remember he writes the front page column now, and a news article further on, and sometimes a profile as well?
    Anyway, he has more enlightening things to do than listen to our chatter all day.
  • Chatter, chatter, chatter
    Hear the Talkbackers
    Natter, natter, natter.
    OK - so I'm as mad as a hatter,
    But does it really matter, matter, matter?
    Here comes a nice man in a white coat ...
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