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Help, I can't read posts!

edited September 2006 in - WM and WN


  • If you can read this, you may be doing better than me. I can't read the posts on some items - I just get an error message. What's up?
  • I experienced the same problem. Perhaps the website was undergoing updates? Seems OK now...
  • I had same problem but there was a notice up to say that they were having difficulties.
  • Have lost the site two or three times today.
  • I sent a message to WEbbo too.  I bet heshe was overwhelmed by little "help me help me" messages. What is must be to be a hero and ensure all the Talkbackers are talking back to each other.
  • Fingers crossed it doesn't happen to me!
  • Yes, happened to me too, temporarily couldn't read anything.
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