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Sorry Webbo, very hard on you.

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  • Sorry, sorry Webbo for being so hard on you. I have had a dreadful week with computers as well as other things. Thought also I lost one of my cats the other day, never seen such a carry on. She shot upstairs ahead of me and I thought she had slipped through my bedroom window that I thought I shut earlier. However at 12.25 I found her upstairs wandering around and came out from the spare room. We hastily shut the back garden door, fortunately not a cold night, just cool. I cannot describe the relief then my computer played up. See the other email on the subject in one of the other categories.  Regards Woll52
  • I'm lost... :D
  • Woll - Whatever it was that you did to Webbo, is that why we haven't heard from him lately?!!
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