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competition entry numbers

edited August 2006 in - WM and WN


  • Just a thought.  Sometimes when I've read the results of writing competitions they state how many entries there were.  However I've never noticed WN/WM do this and was wondering whether it would be useful if they did.  My reasoning is that if I know a certain comp usually gets, say, 300 entries, then I would feel my chances are better than if it has 1,000 and so I'd be more encouraged to enter.  However, if everyone adopted this philosophy I suppose the comp with the least entries would suddenly become hugely popular and no-one would try the bigger one.  Oh, ignore me, I'm talking rubbish again! 
  • No!! I agree with you. I have been shortlisted twice in WM competitions - and I would love to know if I was in the top ten of 11 entries or if they'd had hundreds. It would give my faltering confidence a boost (or perhaps NOT)
  • It would be nice to read a couple of the runner-up stories in WN/WM - just to compare with the winner and see if I agreed with the judging!
  • Well done on 2 shortlistings Tilly. Jenny, on the odd occasion when they do print both the winner and runner-up's stories I often find I prefer the runner-up.  Goes to show that judgement is also a matter of personal taste.
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