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Another 250 books sold!

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  • My publishers have just told me that I've sold another 250 books this quarter. Yippee!
  • Great Jay, how many does that make in total?
  • What is the secret of your success, Jay?
    Well done!!
  • Thanks, everyone. Yes, it feels great. We're hoping to get to 2,000 by the end of the next quarter - that's including all books (might even be a few of the one due out shortly).

    I suppose it's due to luck, persistance, the genre (works well on Amazon), keeping an eye on the book pages of newspapers and magazines.
  • Ultimately, no, it is not luck that sells a book. In a sane world it is content, where the author has something to say and a clarity in saying it.  But in the crazy West of today it is often hype that allows a book to be judged by taking readers to other-world situations, even if it is only the imagined good life which money can bring.
    Incidentally, Jay, I have tried emailing BeWrite (with correct address) five times, with no response. I am now applying elsewhere, but I wish you continued success because I can see from your postings that you have something to say.
  • Well done Jay!
  • It was luck that sold Jordan's book to me. Bad luck on my part for not looking carefully enough who'd written it.
  • Patty, I've just e-mailed Cait of BeWrite as this is unusual. I know she's doing the royalties at the moment and she's still having treatment for a serious illness, so she might just be run off her feet. Let me know if you don't hear anything soon.
  • Well done Jay

    We're at about 200 copies a month :O) 2231 since feb this year :) and we'just put in an order for another 1000 copies :O) ready for our shop :O)

    Its nice to see other people starting to make great inroads :O)  I must say we're impressed with your efforts in your marketing, its very impressive, all the info from people reading your online stuff then they buying your books and reaching the top spot on Amazon :O)

    Keep it up Jay :O)

    Gary and Carol :O)
  • Jay,
    I have just written a long email to you at the address at the top of yours to me via Webbo. My computer threw it back at me. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow. Meanwhile, my apologies also to Cait.
    Regards,  Patty
  • To Gary and Carol,
    Glad to hear you are revving up at the beginning of the school holidays, with all those parents out there needing something new and quiet for their children now and again.
  • Thanks, everyone. The money will come in handy when we go to Sardinia for a week. Ciao for now!
  • Patty, you could try sending me something via Talkback's private messaging system. On your e-mail to me, did you put an underscore between my names? It's easy to miss.
  • Jay
    That's fantastic news.
  • 250! Thats awesome! Well done you.
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