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  • I am very excited as I have been awarded writer of the year at my writers' group. Would it be very conceited to send a brief write-up to the local paper in the town in which I grew up? There are often short pieces about local people winning prizes at holiday camps and being awarded university degrees etc. What do you think?
  • Tell them, indulge in some shameless self promotion!
  • Congratulations, that's good news! I think it's a great idea to contact the papers too.
  • Yes, and get a picture with it-was there a trophy awarded?, include a brief summary of your successes, and mention which schools you attended. That gives the local paper enough to choose from depending on space available.
    Go for it.
  • Definitely:  it will give you a published piece in the local press and also do wonders for your writers' ego and something to put in your writers' portfolio
  • Well done! That's great! As my wise old mum always told me... the best person to promote you is you! Go for it
  • Blow your trumpet loud and long, Sallyannie!
  • Congratulations! And don't forget to tell Writers' News.
  • Well done and hope it leads to more success :O)

    Gary and Carol :O)
  • Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I appreciate that you think it's an achievement - one of my friends only asked if I'd won any money as the prize! Will contact local 'paper tomorrow. Thanks again.
  • Belatedly, good for you sallyannie, tell the world of your success. May I share a little nonsense with you that my mum used to recite:
    He who whispers down the well
    Of all the goods he has to sell
    Will never reap the golden dollars
    Like him what climbs the tree and hollers!
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