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Writing Away from Home

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  • I have just bought a laptop and I'm really looking forward to using it in the hills and mountains of Scotland on a month-long tour from Tuesday onwards next week. I'm really excited about the trip and being able to carry on with my novel at the same time. I was really going to miss writing. I know, I could use paper and often do, but for the novel I really need it all with me and that's too much paper to lug around so the laptop will be ideal. I have a charger for the battery which will run off the cigarette lighter and will also charge my phone. I think things like this can be a real bonus to us in the right context.Anyone else use a laptop in beautiful, remote places?
  • A month in Scotland sounds fantastic.  I am so envious.  I'm a pen and paper person, until I get to the editing stage, so I don't have a laptop.  Hope you have a wonderful holiday.
  • Same here. And it must be cooler up there.
  • Gosh it is soooooo long since I have been in the Highlands of Scotland.  You have made me go all nostalgic.  Have a wonderful time.  I hope you get lots of inspiration in the peaceful surroundings.  If you go the north west side try a visit to Ullapool....beautiful.
  • Happy productive holiday Moira.
  • I AM JEALOUS!!!!!!

    I adore Scotland, and wish I was there now - not only does my best mate live in Inverness, it must be cooler than it is here.  This is unbearable.

    Have a great month, say 'hi' to Nessie for me, and make sure you don't run over any wild haggises - they exist, you know - I've seen them...

    I know.  Men in white coats.
  • Have a great time Moira.

    I love working on my laptop too. It really helps if I'm feeling stuck to head off somewhere beautiful to work for a few hours. Hope it works for you too!
  • Our 'old' laptop closes down after about two minutes if we try to use it on battery power. People have tried to explain the possible problems, but it goes over our heads. We've got a new laptop now. And the old one keeps going off-line, which is annoying.
  • Does it overheat Jay?  You can get those cooling mats from Amazon to put underneath. 
  • Not sure. The Neargear thingy feels hot when we take it out, but I'm not sure it's as simple as that.
  • Tessa my younger son went to Stirling University and was there when all the hype for 'Braveheart' was going on.  He used to go to Edinburgh for his nightlife, fell in love with it and there he now lives 9 years after graduation. He bought himself a flat off the Royal Mile, a little gem at the right time with his own front door ( unusual for tenement Edinburgh.)  It's a lovely city too.
  • I find writing with pen and paper much more natural when I'm out and about. With a laptop it's hard to find power outlets on campsites unless you get the right converters and pay for the upgraded pitch.

    Mind you, those pages and pages I scribbled in Norfolk just about made six pages of A4 once they were all typed up ;)
  • Four pages of typed words, that's an awful lot of hand writing Troo.
  • Don't mind me, I'm just drooling.
  • Inverness?

    I miss Inverness....
  • My laptop goes everywhere with me. Favourite places so far are next to a friend's pool on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona, looking out over the desert at 3am, lit by a full moon, listening to (and occasionally catching glimpses of) coyotes howling; on a balcony overlooking the souks in Marrakech, Morocco; on a balcony in possibly the cheapest hotel in Sorrento, italy, which hung precariously over the roof of the local cinema, with the movie soundtrack drifting up through the skylights every 2 hours.

    But the local pub is good too!
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