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Membership competition

edited June 2006 in - WM and WN


  • Morning all,
    Today is 1 June, marking the end of our competition to guess the number of Talkback users.
    To recap, we asked users to guess by the end of February how many people would have registered on Talkback by 1 June. This morning's figure is 560, which means the winner is user Lewis.
    Lewis wins the mystery prize, a copy of <em>Whitaker's Almanack 2006</em>. I’m sure all 558 other Talkbackers will join me in hoping you enjoy the book, Lewis.
    Best wishes
  • Congratulations - well done
  • Yep, well done.  Great guess.
  • Well done, Lewis - let us know which bits of the Almanack you enjoy the most!
  • Congratulations Lewis. Useful book to have.
  • Congratulations Lewis
  • Take a bow, Lewis! Well done!
  • Congratulations :O)

    Gary and Carol :O)
  • Lewis - As the winner you could make a suitable speech! You know the sort of thing ... "I'd like to thank my teachers ..." etc.
  • A toast to Lewis!

    {How are you at forecasting winner of the Derby?}
  • Thanks all

    Lucky guess - when the book arrived it really made my day.
  • Well done Lewis!
  • Thanks Webbo for the prize. I was surprised when it arrived and I will put it to good use.

    Many thanks again


    Lewis Ward
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