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Change to Talkback 'Contact' facility

edited May 2006 in - WM and WN


  • Hello everyone,
    I have had to alter the procedure for sending personal messages to other Talkback users, to plug a potential security breach.
    Now, when a message is sent through the Contact link (through the page, www.writersnews.co.uk/talkback/members.asp), the resulting e-mail will appear in your Inbox as if it has come directly from me, and the details of the user who sent it will be provided within the body of the e-mail.
    Under certain, limited, circumstances, it previously could occur that Talkbackers using the Contact facility would be informed of another user's e-mail address, without the second user's knowledge. This change will prevent that.
    There is no change to the procedure for using the Contact facility.
    Best wishes
  • Thanks, Webbo!
  • Thanks Webbo.
  • Any chance of a proper chat facillity Webbo?

    I have been on here at night with full knowledge that others are online, pulling hy hair (what little I have left) out with problems.

    It's nice to use the fourums, but.... It's good to talk!

    And I'm sure that it would prove very popular!

  • Sorry Milhouse,

    Not sure it is too popular an idea because several attempts at running a chat forum have been tried by several stalwarts but with minimal support.

    It seems most of us have too much to do with insufficient time for fitting it all in.
  • What we could use is a mesenger system, so that if you are logged on whilst you are working you can either chat or hit the Bugger Off I'm Busy Button?
  • Thanks Webbo!
  • Webbo, are you back from your holiday now? All suntanned and refreshed?
  • Lol at your description of the 'busy 'button Milhouse.
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