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Competition fees

edited March 2006 in - WM and WN


  • Sometimes I can barely scrape together the minimum entry fees for WM competitions and worry that this will put me at a disadvantage compared to entrants who send the 'preferred' or 'welcome' amounts. Any comments?
  • I think that whichever amount you pay entitles you to entry to the competition and therefore should make no difference. It is the writing that wins a competition not the amount of entry fee that has been paid. So I would say continue to pay what you can afford and good luck with your entries.
  • Don't worry about it Montholon - I'm sure WN/WM wouldn't be biased regarding those who pay the basic fee.
  • Personally I think the fees should be static, then there wouldn't be any worry about it at all.  If someone had paid more than the 'Welcome' amount and won, would they then be wondering if it was not the quality of their work that clinched it?  Or am I being desperately cynical??  Answers on a postcard please, preferred fee £...........
  • Just my opinion, but I should think that the person who does the judging of the competition would not have any idea of how much fee you have paid. The cheque is probably detached as soon as it is received and put into Trust funds. I should think that, as it is a charity, all fees are welcome even if the basic amount so don't worry. Just enter as and when you can and hopefully one day you'll be a winner!
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