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Started on a John Buchan

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  • When my parents ran a bookshop, having heard that I had been listening to the Friday afternoon serial 'Island of Sheep' by John Buchan and then acquired the book in paperback,going absolutely dotty about his books as he wrote such a good yarn, my parents on my behalf, collected about fourteen of them from various sources, some inadvertently handed in second hand. They stored them in a box and now I started on one of many I had not heard of' The Blanket of the Dark', an historical thriller. He does not take forever to get the reader into the story, leaves little clues and hints to spur you on through the yarn. I know by today's standards, he would not be considered politically correct but does that matter, he is an excellent example to contemporary writers like ourselves as to how to draw the reader to turn the pages. If anyone would like a list to get them started and head for their public library or second hand bookshop, please let me know. Some of course might be out of print but you never know what a second hand bookshop might throw up. Incidentally the story Huntingtower is the family seat of the Lumsdens, which is indirectly one of the names in our family as my Aunt, my mother's sister married my Uncle John, that's it, bang on, his name being Lumsden so the chances are that when John Buchan was alive, he probably knew them. Another thing, our consul general, Clive Woodland who happens to be a family friend, was personal parliamentary secretary to Lady Tweedsmuir, the great granddaughter of, that's it, John Buchan who was Lord Tweedsmuir as well as Governor General of Canada. Once hooked, you will find it very hard to put it down.  I started on the craze really when I was at school when I read the Thirty Nine Steps.   Regards Woll52
  • Wow, a bit of family history as well as a good read. Have fun reading it!
  • Thank you, Kangeroo, I shall, there are thirteen other books to read afterwards. Even better when one is tucked up in bed as well.  I am catching up correspondence on Writer's News at the moment, working two days a week for the River Stour Trust
  • One of my uncles worked on a farm belonging to Lord Tweedsmuir...
    I read loads of John Buchan a few years ago.  They are good yarns - even if some of it does look a bit weird now.  I remember "Prester John" being a bit borderline on the racism front!  But it simply reflects the attitudes of the time.  Even if a book dates it's still worth reading!
  • I will say amen to that, that is the mark of a good story and I think we could do worse than learn from the classics. 
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