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Anyone from Winchester, or Hampshire?

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  • Giulia — 28/07/2005 22:23:23
    I live in Winchester. I'm looking for fellow writers who live in the Hampshire, you know, to become friends, to set up a writing or reading group, to meet.
    The truth is that I really miss having friends (I moved here to the UK one year ago and, a side by people I know from work, I haven't found a living soul to talk to or go out with or meet or anything. Where do British people hide?), and would love to spend my evenings/week ends doing something better than just hanging around in my house.
    A writing group would be lovely, because we could spend our time doing in a productive way :)
    Hope to find someone!

    marie — 29/07/2005 09:31:04
    Hi Julia, Before you get too excited I don't live in the Winchester area - unfortunetly otherwise I would be glad to meet up. Although I didn't move to a different country I did move to a little area in Chelmsford where I didn't know a soul. I still haven't met anybody with a strong writing interest or a weak one come to think of it. It's very depressing and because I was suffering a bit of an identity crisis (see another newcomer 26.7.05) it made matters worse. But I've dicided to take matters into my own hands. In September I'll be starting a writing course at college not to learn the craft of writing itself (although I am always keen to learn something new) but to meet like minded people and hopefully take things from there. They may know of a local writing circle or failing that I might take the plunge and set one up myself. Perhaps you could try doing the same. Whatever happens Julia I wish you lots and lots of luck. I've discovered so many encouraging and welcoming people on this site - I think it's fair to say You'll never be short of virtual friends!! Once again good luck - Marie.

    Julia — 29/07/2005 18:54:39
    Hi, Marie
    don't worry, thanks anyway for your reply.
    I would love to join a course at the college. Unfortunately, I work 6 days a week 9am-5pm, and this makes things complicated for me, except if I can find a course ran after half past five. I can always ask about it anyway. It's a good idea.
    I have tried a lot of things to find friends: I even tried to sign up to a gym, or to go to the pubs when there are the quizzes, but in the gym everybody kept on excercising and didn't speak to me or to anybody else -.-) and the same elsewhere. That's why the only friends I have are those whom I meet at work. But that's not enough for me...
    Anyway, I will go to the Winchester college and ask about a writing course ran after 6PM. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Sweetpea — 29/07/2005 19:17:17
    Hi Julia
    Just to say hope you find something suitable at the local college. Unfortunately I'm not in Hampshire either so am no help in that direction. I don't have any 'writing friends' either but have recently signed up here and everyone seems jolly friendly :)
    What sort of things do you write?

    Karen — 30/07/2005 13:58:48
    Hello Julia
    I'm from Southampton but only write non-fiction. What do you write? I am also working long hours but would like to meet up sometime for a chat.
  • Julia - I live in Alton, just up the road from you! We often drive into Winchester, so which part do you live in? Tell me about yourself and what your writing interests are. I'm an artist as well as a writer, so I veer from one project to the other, depending on the mood and circumstance. I wrote cartooned articles years ago, some of which got published in the Alton Gazette, but my main writing has been The Novel, which has taken yonks and is still taking yonks. That is what I need encouragement over and why I joined this group. But it's my 'baby' and I'm terrified! I would love to meet other writers, and exchange views.

    www.kitty-le-roy.co.uk  (My chief interest!)
  • hey,

    I live in Winchester. i am a writer. if you are still around the area. will be kool to meet.

  • just come on line - clicked on this thread - thought I was in a time warp.
  • [quote=bill] thought I was in a time warp[/quote]
    Who are those people, why did Webbo revive the conversation after just a few days and how was the thread found after five years?

    Definitely a "Twilight Zone" confabulation.
  • Presumably KSMWI who joined 3 hours ago was looking for anything relating to Winchester...
  • In that case; welcome to the "real" Universe KSMWI.
  • imagine getting replies from people who are 5 years [or more] in the past...

    interesting conversation...

    ...a good attention grabbing beginning, do you think...

    a kind of pen friend relationship...
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