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My novel's published!

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  • Hello again everyone, I've been away for a while busy getting my novel ready for publication, so haven't had the time to log on for ages. Just to let you all know that I've now pubilshed my novel Pink Flip Flops & Champagne and it's available in the shops, and internet book stores (or direct from me of course)ISBN 1842941666.

    Despite having eight books commercially published, I decided to self-publish this book because I wanted greater control over it and I used a company called Plane Tree (www.planetree.com) who were very good to work with.

    With the news hitting the Telegraph headlines that 20'000 British authors have produced their books with the free self-publishing company www.lulu.com, word has it that writers' are biting back and are self-publishing their books themselves that match that of any a commercial publisher and very successfully too. So don't ever think it's not possible to do it, or that you can't afford to do it, you can and lulu are about to launch a company in the UK, which means that, so long as your mss is complete, you can publish your book for free and you won't have to worry about shipping charges to your book. I'll keep you informed of progress as and when it happens. Debs
  • Congratulations for the publishing of your novel!!!
    I wish you all the best for your future writing.
    Make sure you keep in touch with everyone online!
  • Hi Debs,

    Many congratulations!! That is such great news, I bet you're over the moon with it all! I will look out for your book in the bookstores. Have you used your own name on it? Good luck with your next novels!!

  • Congratulations - and thanks for the information.  Fingers crossed for some healthy sales figures.
  • Thank you all for the congratulations. Yes Helen, the book is under my own name, Deborah Durbin and is available from all major book shops. I have another industry web site for you all to check out www.publishingnews.co.uk which is the web site all the commercial publishers use. There is also a message forum on there (free to join) where you can post press releases of your work, books, web sites etc, which gets looked at by everyone in the industry. Thank you again for the warm thoughts. Best wishes. Debs
  • Hi Debs and congratulations.  I will be most interested in your book's progress.  I've tried to locate it on Planetree but the search engine can't locate it.  Choking with disappointment.  Ciao from Rita.
  • Hi Rita,
    Thank you for the congrats. If you go to www.planetree.com their home page will come up. If you scroll down the page, near the bottom is my book, and also further down there's a box which says most recently published titles and it's there also. Alternatively, you can go to www.amazon.co.uk and type in Deborah Durbin and it's there too. So far I've had a local press review who ar also running a competition to win a signed copy and I'm waiting on magazines and newspapers to run reviews (hopefully)on it, but there are a few reviews on the Amazon web site too.
  • How exciting!  Congratulations and good luck.
  • Congratulations, Debs.
  • Excellent news Debs. Well done. I wonder did they do a final edit or was that left up to you? Mary
  • Hi Mary,
    Thank you! No, they didn't do any editing, that's entirely up to the author - well you can request editing, but it costs quite a bit of money. Fortunately I used to be an editor for a newspaper, so I edited it myself.
  • Congratulations, that's great news, good luck! Nola (otherwise known as Kangaroo)
  • Congratulations and good luck with the sales.  Keep up the good work
  • Congratulations to you and surely an inspiration for those still struggling Well done, Debs. I will certainly give your company some consideration at any rate. Ciao. Woll52
  • Debs
    Nice to hear that it worked out with Lulu. I did mine with the much-abused Publish America. To be honest,I found them OK. On investigation, Lulu seems a more convenient option, certainly for UK writers. Once submitted to them for formatting, do they return it for you to do the final proofread or, assuming you've self-edited, do they print up your initial submission as it stands ?
    Best wishes
  • Hi Geoff,
    No I didn't publish with Lulu. I was just saying that they look like a good company to go with. I published with Plane Tree and yes, they did let me see a copy prior to going to press.
  • Congratulations Debs.It was good to hear of a success story when so many writing publications only offer stories of how low your chances are. I heard of Plane Tree a few years ago and must visit their website.
    best wishes for a financial success.
    Geoff L
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