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Getting in the flow................

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  • Hi everyone,
    I'm reading a great writing book at the mo, on entering a 'flow state' when writing. It's fascinating to read other writer's accounts of working in this highly concentrated state, from what i can gather, when they refer to being in flow, they mean that state where time slips away, because you are so absorbed in your writing.
    Does anyone have experience of being in flow, or ways of entering it?
    I'd love to hear your views on this.
  • Hi Lixie,
    I know what you mean, I much prefer writing when what I am writing 'flows' as opposed to when it does now. I think solely about it and nothing else. I might not know what I am going to write when I put pen to paper, but the sentences leg it out of my pen. When writing flows for me - or when I enter a 'flow state' as your book puts it - I have usually thought about what I'm writing in advance so that I know roughly what I want to put. But as I said, sometimes I don't, sometimes I just feel what I want to write as I am writing it.

    love Phoenix
  • I love that feeling when the pen does the work for you and your brain seems to take second place as it seems to write itself.  You become so absorbed in it that the slightest distraction actually wakes you up out of a reverie of sorts.
  • Flow-state. It happens often for me, especially when writing fiction and with a pen rather than on PC.  The pen just flies off the page and time flies too.  I know just what you mean.
  • I know what you mean too.  But why does the flow state happen for me at around 10pm, keeping me up half the night? Mind you, as long as it happens I'm not complaining.
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