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Message for Courierjohn

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  • Hi John.
    I was just wondering if you had heard anything back from BBC Writersroom yet about the script you sent them in September? They've had my script for about three months now, which I'm hoping is a good sign. Just wondered how you were getting on.
  • Hi Debs
    A million apologies for not replying sooner. I have been too busy writing my next masterpiece to visit the site very often (Believe that, you'll believe anything!!).
    Still haven't heard anything yet. But if they go by the four month rule then I guess it will be January before I hear anything. Therefore I am not giving up hope just yet.
    Having said all this, I have found in the past that as soon as I mention the fact that I haven't heard anything yet, my scripts generally come back with a thanks but no thanks very soon afterwards!!!
    I will keep you posted

  • Good to hear from you again John and fingers crossed that the Beeb like your script. I don't know if you know of the web site www.absolutewrite.com but they have a good screenwriting section and message board where you can place pages of your script for critique. It's American, but it's pretty good. Keep me posted about your progress. My email ady is [email protected] Best wishes, Debs
  • Phew!
    I was beginning to think you weren't speaking to me anymore because I had been so ignorant.
    I have not checked out the website you mention, but I will - straightaway.
    Good luck with your script too, and don't worry, if anything positive happens you will be the first to know
  • Debs.

    Thanks for the tip-off about the website. There is loads of useful stuff on there. I will need to make a few visits to get the full benefit from it!
    By the way, how well was the novel received? Is it still selling? Are you going to adapt it for film?.....Do you need a co-writer?!!!
  • Hi John.
    Yes, the novel is selling well - because I had a signing booked in, I had to get it out in time for the summer, so got 500 copies printed and I think I have about 20 left. And yes, this is the novel that I adapted as a film - the same one that is with the BBC at the moment. I've had one producer say she would like to make it into a 'short' for film festivals and I've also had the Darley Anderson script department request a copy of the book to read, so everything crossed at the moment! I'm now working on another script, again romantic comedy, or Romcom as they like to call it in the States! Will let you know if the Beep call!
  • PS: John: On that web site I gave you: If you go to the screenwriting message board and then click on screenwriting critique board and scroll down to the entry, Pink Flip-Flops & Champagne, that's the first 10 pages of my screenplay adapted from the book.
  • Absolutely brilliant!
    You certainly have a massive head start on me.
    I must get round to reading your novel one day
    Keep in touch

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