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The Latest With My Novel

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  • I have chucked the novel I was working upon out the window.  No, I still have everything on file BUT I am going to re-start the story with better organisation and storyline.
    I kind of lost the plot after 22,000 words, not knowing where to go and finding I had made repetitions.
    I know now to take more care with the story and treat it like a best friend.  I am planning to complete it within the next eleven months but not be disappointed if I fail to do so.
  • It's sounds like you've learned a lot from the experience, Alana. Good luck!

    It's interesting how everyone works in a different way. I'm incapable of forming the plot before I start writing. I prefer to work hard on the characters and then I enjoy seeing where it all goes.

    I think we probably all have a very different approach to self imposed dealines as well. I'm a bit obsessive about them once they're established. My problem is getting round to setting them!
  • Poor Alana,

    Don't you just hate it when such realisation dawns!

    That's when I usually have to stomp off, vent frustration, usually resulting in making more work with repairs thus compounding feelings of failure.

    So, take some deep breaths, enjoy your wonderful climate, spend time on a totally diverse occupation, start afresh tomorrow.
  • Oooo, don't chuck anything away. I've had moments like that, start something then it fizzes out. But guess what happened recently? I was going through those small chunks of writing and it dawned on me! As I read the events, I imagined them as having the same Main Character. Although in the beginning I had writen them to be different people. So, I just changed the names and put them together. Now I have almost a full-length manuscript ready to go. Needs only a few minor tweaks. And all that from several chunks I used to think would go nowhere - in the end they just linked together neatly like carriages of a train!
  • Can I suggest some software that has really helped me with my novel. It's called New Novelist and is available at most major PC places. Not only does it organise your plot (without being too restrictive) it encourages you to build characters, both incidental and leading. You then have a margin with all the characters and place names and a notes field, available at the click of a button. too much in it to tell but I'd recommend the programme to anyone!
  • Good luck with the rewrite Alana.
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