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Focus (i.e. lack of...)

edited October 2005 in - Writing Tales


  • Aaaagh....  Here I am slaving over a hot computer to prepare a presentation for work when I'd really rather be working on my current short story.  I am itching to get my (very) rough manuscript out of the drawer again and escape from the present world into my fantasy one. But if I do get it out of the drawer, that'll be it for the rest of the day. It's very hard juggling everyday demands along with a need to write.  I guess there are lots of others reading this who have the same predicament.  Just having a moan really....
  • Glad it's not just me.  Think it must be time for more tea and biscuits then perhaps I can make some serious progress with the boring presentation and look forward to doing something more creative. 
  • I am fed up with writing non-fiction when I'm desperate to write fiction!  I try to tell myself that it's a good thing to experience the frustration because it increases my motivation and drive, and that will lead to more exciting fiction in the long run. 
  • Same here Jacey.  After a long stint of non-fiction writing, I just HAD to start a new fiction work.  Mind you, full time writing can be boring too-I often wish I had a 'real job' LOL.
  • Good one Lixxy!
  • Oh no, a gaggle of groaning and moaning women!
  • And one out numbered male.
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