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Order Order

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  • Weekly, I manage to gather masses of research material, story and article ideas and usually find or fight my way through the chaos. Can anyone suggest how I can organise my notes, bits of paper, pictures, backs of train tickets etc into a more orderly and less hectic fashion?
  • Difficult! I started with a concertina type file, I had loads of local history stuff, family tree stuff, animals etc. When that file burst through overstuffing I started with ring binder files. I now have a bookshelf full, and find the box files though more expensive are better. I know you can store a lot on computer, but I like the material on my desk while I am using the computer to write my story, and can flick through 'stuff' as I need to. I can lose things very easily, so any back of the envelope notes I try to type up SAP and file them. If you label your files and try and keep on top - I try and sort out the mess of papers on my desk once a week - this will help. God bless,Lindsay
  • Yeah, get a filing cabinet and organize your stuff in folders, by topics.
  • Yes look in the second hand column of newspapers, sometimes there are firms selling new and second hand office equipment, filing cabinets being among them, talking of which I must do a bit of sorting out of mine at some point. Do you have a Roys by any chance or something similar, if so, sometimes they have two draw cabinets, I saw one recently. If only I had the space. I collect ephemera of all kinds. I also collect small postcards which go into my larger index card box. Sometimes I must fill some index cards of the details. Just not enough hours in a day to do everything then I hear that people are bored, I ask you. It is a wonder I have time to write.
  • Thank you all for your help.  I do have a filing cabinet but a hopeless filing system for organising research notes, stories etc into some kind of order.
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