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Test the nation

edited October 2005 in - Writing Tales


  • Has anyone watched 'Test the nation' on BBC 1 last night? (sat 8th oct). I did the test and scored 46.... "well done, within national average", so they said at the end. But of course, "could have done better" is my comment. So, who is the genius amongst us?
  • I've just completed it online and got 51.
  • I just did it and got 53.
  • I got 50. Should have been 51 but one of my boys spoke over the question and I had to guess, even though it was an answer I knew when the results run through came on.
  • I got 55.

    And I've got a rattling good excuse for everyone I got 'wrong'.
  • .... oh well, I know that I am as thick as a  plank ...
  • Nothing wrong with 46, Summernight.  I don't really think it was an acurate test of knowledge of the English language, just as the previous shows have not stuck too closely to their supposed subject.
  • Thanks Hush Puppy, I feel a bit better! But I agree, it wasn't a 'serious' test, I think I would have scored better if it had been more true to the traditional....
  • Oh dear, hope the nation is not tested for observation for I sent an email on a similar subject if you go through one of the sections. Regards Woll52
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