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The big test

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  • Hello again

    Some of you may remember a few weeks ago that I almost gave up this writing thingy in complete despair.
    But, I slid back into my computer chair, slightly embarrassed, but nevertheless refreshed.
    Just to say I have now finished my script (bbc writersroom requested to see my next work)and posted it off yesterday.
    I have gone through all the usual worries about whether it will be good enough and even whether the material will be suitable.
    But I have persuaded myself that it is my writing they are interested in, not the subject matter of my script and I can honestly say I am pleased with the end result (well, it did take me six months to write, on and off).
    So, here we go again on the painful wait for a response. In the meantime I have taken the advice from others on this board and launched into my next project - a 90 minute psychological thriller script for TV.
    Thanks for listening - must dash!
  • Perhaps you should, also, do a version for the "CWA Debut Dagger 2006" mentioned in "Queries"

    Best of luck with the submission but you are right to keep busy with other projects. That way you will be nearer supplying their requested follow up submission.
  • Great news John - looks like we'll all be able to say, "we knew him before he was famous!"
  • Well done John. Good for you!
  • Well done John! I'm interested to know what you originally sent BBC Writers Room which made them request a new script from you? I've just finished a 90 min script and I'm just polishing it and getting it ready to send out. I also have many days when I wonder why I'm doing this and if it's worth all the effort, but then I think I'm unemployable and nothing else gives me that 'buzz'! So we have a lot in common! Well done again and fingers crossed for you.
  • Hi Debs

    Thanks for your reply (actually that goes to everybody)and your good wishes (ditto)
    I orginally sent in a feature film script that rambled on for 139 pages!! Needless to say they thought it was a little unfocussed. It was a typical northern Full Monty/Brassed Off type idea concerning old style British wrestlers from the 1970's, or a small group of them, who take on the flash bang wallop of the American WWF version, hoping to roll back the years and prove themselves the best. Throw in some family traumas and that is about it, really.
    The readers report said that they thought the setting was effective, run down Yorkshire seaside resort in winter compared to the lights and glamour of the WWF. They also thought the characters were well-drawn and the dialogue realistic, poignant and funny.
    It just rambled on a bit - rather like this post!
    Hope that is of use. Good luck with your script. Keep us informed
  • Well done John, as the saying goes, we all have to start somewhere, your foot is in the door, keep it there  and before long, you maybe among the credits.  Regards Woll52
  • I join other Talkbackers in saying 'Well done John'.
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