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writing software

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  • I just got Dramatica and got to tell you, it did help me "see the light" ! I was stuck in the middle of the novel and had no idea what to do with the characters further, but this thing leads you step by step and I just got the idea how to go on further. It's so detailed I was surprised. I had used other writing software before - StoryCraft, but was quite disappointed as it does not give much guidance. StoryCraft only helps with the general structure of the novel, while Dramatica actually guides you through the creative process.
    I also had WritersBlocks - which is not about "writers block" at all, ha! - but creates "blocks" which you fill in with text. Rather colourful if you like to be entertained, but nothing more than visual entertainment. Still, I recommend it for people who like fun.
  • I use New Novelist or WriteItNow installed on my PC. Generally I use the former but sometimes go for the latter as a change. The NewNovelist gives one prompts in terms of the attributes, not evident in WriteItNow. I suppose one could take them down in pen in a notebook and transfer them or create one's own. After all, who is going to see your plan. Remember your poor English teacher who would set you a composition to write, how many times he or she would plead, almost tearing his or her hair out, make a plan.Also when you sat those infernal exams, make a rough plan then score it through when finished. The examiner would not mark it but would note that one had been made, hence a logical process in your writing. Newnovelist is a good trigger to get the thought processes moving, at least that is what I find. It is based on the Jarvis and Syd Field approach. I also recently installed Write Ambition for writing screenplays. Not an easy one to do and needs some familiarity with the process, a bit of trial and error in my opinion. The WriteItNow I found more or less by accident and you can fill in a form downloaded and then print to hard copy, sending it off with your payment via snail mail if you are a coward like I am regarding paying over the Net. Each to his or her own really I suppose. Ciao, Woll52
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