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Haunted Castle markets?

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  • Hello all -

    I've just joined Talkback this afternoon and since you all seem delightful (and incredibly wise) I wonder if anyone could help me. I've written a non-fiction article about a night spent in a haunted castle. Initially I submitted it to "Bite Me" magazine but it was rejected. Undeterred, I re-wrote it and sent it to "Take A Break: Fate & Fortune", but again with no luck. Does anyone know of a magazine or e-zine that may be interested in such an article?

    Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer,

  • I think you might need to do some market research.  Hunt out all the mags that publish supernatural stuff - stargazing - true-life, that sort of thing.  Read the mags and then do your article to their house style.  Good luck.
  • Thanks to you both!
  • Like you, Nicola, I've just joined Talkback - ten minutes ago, in fact - and am now feeling my way around. CHAT paid me £50 for a "spooky" letter, so maybe they'd look kindly on something longer. Alternatively, could you cut your article to letter length? I hate to admit it, but I always over-write to an appalling degree. I suspect most writers do. Good luck, anyway.
  • Hi Nicola,

    Sorry, no suggestions for you - I've never written anything like that - but good luck with it.

  • Hello
    Have you thought of trying the county magazines-there is one for most areas.  This subject is popular with them, especially if you also give some info/facts about the castle and surounding area. Also, try My Weekly which has a personal experience page.  Countryside Tales/Park Publication, also comes to mind. In fact, change the angles and try them all. Hope this helps.  Good luck
  • Chat does a 'Spooky Tales' section. How about trying it? (Though it does tend to be about personal experiences of the supernatural. Did anything odd happen while you were there?)
  • Yes, many odd things happened to me, I was wetting myself! Apologies for being so graphic, but I was REALLY SCARED! I saw the silhouette of a little girl in the King's Bedroom, and an evil spirit in the dungeon kept moving furniture and it was HORRIBLE! I'm spending the night in another haunted location next month as well. I must be mad! Wish me luck!
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