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Ghost Story Comp

edited January 2008 in - WM and WN
I entered the WM Ghost Story Competition last year and have yet to see any of the winning entries (it wasn't the Railway Ghost one). I did have a problem with receiving some of my issues during the mid-part of the year and it was probably in one of those issues (another example of sod's law!). Can anyone tell me which one it was so that I can look it up? I would be interested to see the winning entry.


  • Sorry Lauren, can't help you at the moment.
  • There's the summer Ghost Story winner in May 2007 issue
  • The Annual Ghost story competition was in the last 'set' to be linked to DSJT. All the winners appeared in the Annual Competitions Guide 2007/2008 which was sent out free with WM in(about ) August/September. The wiining story was by Angela Pickering and the shortlisted entries were Pat Ashford, Louise Dobson, Colin Hasson, Gregory Hughes, Barbara Huntley, Jo Lawrence, Sheila Lockett, Rosemary Mairs, Neil Mc Cormack, Mike Smail, Jan Thorn, Darren Wheatley.
    Hope that helps
  • Thank you!
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