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WM comps - receipt of entry notification

edited January 2008 in - WM and WN
Those of you who have entered WM comps and enclosed a stamp-addressed postcard for notification of receipt of entry: how long did it take to get the postcard back? Do WM wait until the closing date before mailing out the postcards?

I posted my entry over a week ago and haven't received the postcard, and the comp closes on Thursday. I don't want to ring or email WM if their normal procedure is to post confirmation pcs after the closing date, otherwise they'll think I'm a nuisance.


  • Surely that would defeat the object - sending confirmation of receipt AFTER the closing date?
  • That's what I thought, Jay. I'm just getting a bit anxious about it, as time is running out.
  • I would chase just in case, then there would still be time to post another one. What's the worst that can happen?
  • Yes, I'll send an email then. Thanks!
  • Though of course if you win now and I don't I'll be REALLY cross!:)
  • Emailed last night - jolly good thing I did! They can't find my entry, so it looks like it's been lost in the post. I'll have to post another copy today and hope it arrives in time for Thursday. Trouble is, one son is ill and off school, I don't drive... My husband thinks he's finishing work at lunchtime today, so I'll be able to sort it all out then, hopefully.

    Heather, thanks for the advice, and don't worry - I probably won't win anyway. It would be nice to at least make the shortlist though. I can dream...
  • Well, at least you'll have a chance now. Good luck!
  • Good luck on getting your entry there on time. Good luck with the competition, to both RebeccaZ and Heather. Its a shame you couldn't email it.
  • Good luck to you too, Heather, and any other Talkbackers who are entering!
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