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Coincidences - MW take note.

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  • MW, I had to read your book, especially after learning that it was about animals and a vet called Paul Mitchell.  That's my fiance's name.  There's also some hair product called Paul Mitchell, too.  Next up, as I read you have the bolt-eyed but one-eyed Beryl who still behaves like a hawk in the vets' surgery.  Beryl is my cat.  Miss Piggy was the nickname for my daughter (not by me but by her brother), eventually shortened to "Pigs".  She is tall and slender so it's quite funny.  And my first Girl Guides badge was the Animal Lover's, taken at the local dentists' in his, yes, special chair!

    What else will I find in your book?  Have others found major coincidences with their own lives in what they're reading?
  • Who is MW?

    anyway, does anybody else pronounce coincidence as "coe in side ince?
  • MW is Malcolm Welshman- a Talkbacker last heard of going on another cruise and writing the follow-up to Pets in Prospect.
    (Worth buying, you'd like it.) :)
  • no dora cos that's not the the way it's pronounced...
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