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WN & WM subscribers' reception at Swanwick.

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I'm looking forward enormously to meeting the team and maybe also some Talkbackers I don't yet know in person.


  • Have fun.
  • Yes enjoy it wish I was going.
  • Must admit, I'm a little bit nervous myself! But I'll look forward to meeting you Montholon, and anyone else who's coming!... anyone?
  • The Hayes Centre is a wonderful place Webbo, enjoy the reception.
  • Dear Webbo, if I'd known you were going, I'd have gone too just so's I could meet you! Don't be nervous, just look your usual charming self, smile a lot and please clean your glasses so you can recognise any Team TB from their icons, most of which are, of course, a very good likeness ...
    Enjoy, Montholon (I know you will)
  • A writer's Summer School, at the Hayes Conference Centre in Derbyshire. This year Webbo/Jon is going and there is an opportunity for a 20 minute one to one with an editor/publisher.

    I went last year and really enjoyed it. If anyone wants to know more check this link


    It can seem expensive but you are fed really well and there is the opportunity to mix with established writers and pick their brains, as well as the courses and of course the socialising
  • I'd like to second everything Lolli has written and can't wait to get back there - not only for the cake served at the afternoon break each day! The whole place has a unique buzz about it, which isn't surprising when hundreds of writers get together.
  • Have fun guys!
  • The Hayes is an excellent conference centre. I've been there for Christian conferences (spoke there once!) over the yrs.
  • I keep hoping each year I can go again, but finances or time have been against me the last couple of years. It is a wonderful place and all that has been said above is true.
  • Oh yes, now I know what you mean. Sorry, I thought it was a WM event where we could all meet each other!
  • [quote=Stan2]The Hayes is an excellent conference centre. I've been there for Christian conferences[/quote]

    So have I Stan, once for a Prison Fellowship conference and once for an Interserve conference. (a missionary society). The Hayes is excellent, whichever type of conference one goes to,
  • Jolly good breakfasts ... just don't sit at the end of the table.
  • I'd love to hear Christina Jones doing her bit - she was my 'Reader' once for the RNA and I got talking to her later on and she was really encouraging and helpful. And her books are fun!
  • [quote=ceka]just don't sit at the end of the table. [/quote]

    At any point if you can avoid it...:)
  • Why shouldnt you sit at the end of the table?
  • you have to serve the food which can be a bit of a pain.
  • Rather like being at school again, but someone has to do it. For the price we pay, we can't expect silver service!
  • True and the food is reasonable.
  • I loved the porridge!
  • I managed to fight my way through the crowd of WN/WM subscribers at this evening's reception to shake hands with Webbo himself!
  • And does he look like his photo does or slightly different? :)
  • Even better and thoroughly charming.
  • Well that answers someone's question of whether he looks like his picture...:)
  • *blushes*
    Well thank you Montholon!
    It was really really lovely to go to Swanwick, and meet so many writers and subscribers. All writing events have different atmospheres, but Swanwick seemed very special and I'm quite envious to not be there informally!
  • And now you are back to reality...
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