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Things that make you go mmmmmmm!



  • Who is Seth Green? Excuse my ignorance if he's someone on LOST.
  • carol, seth green is a comedy actor who pops up in films every now and then. he was in rat race if you have seen that. o and wasnt he in buffy? forgive me if that is wrong, but that programme was banned from our house.

    and morbid maiden, i applaude you in admiration for i had failed to mention colin firth!! especially in the bbc production of pride and prejudice!!
  • Ahem, please read my post on 03/03/2007 at 15:11:14, girls. I do believe I already had that in mind. :)
  • o yes, so you did. i applaude you in admiration too!!
  • Seth Green played Oz in Buffy, Willow's first boyfriend, who was also a werewolf.
  • Ah now I know who you mean. I've seen him in something else recently, but didn't know the name. Thanks.
  • On the grounds that us Talkbakers are preferring to comment on things that make us go "gggrrrrr", I'm updating the opposite post! (It makes us look all like positive, happy beings then!)
    I've just had a very good "mmmmm" moment with my dinner; I was a very hungry lass and the warm chicken with delicious veggies has just hit the spot!
  • oohh! lazy weekends! this sunday i didn't get my lazy butt out of bed until 3 in the afternoon (it's worse than that- i didn't even wake up 'til then!) and the only reason i got up was because my sis, bro-in-law and lil niece sian were outside my flat on a little visit. lovely.
  • Ooooo, thought of another one: someone giving you FREE, yes FREE chocolates to try!
  • Yes, me again. I'm desperately trying to make people focus on some good, positive things! Ha-ha.
    Another "mmmmmm" moment : having your first ice cream of the year from 'Mr Whippy'; you know summer has well and truly arrived then!
  • Free chocolate? Never! Where IS this generous chocolate fairy?

    Not that I ever indulge in the stuff, of course. Ooooh no, not me. Blah and Yuck. But I have a friend who is slightly curious so I'm simply asking...you know...just for my friend.
  • The first notes of Once in Royal David's City from King's College on Christmas Eve. Purity and tinsel.

    That serious look when your newborn studies your face for the first time.
  • Speaking of music, know what I love? We have a CD from Vanuatu with "Oh Holy Night" on it. The track starts off with the sound of church bells then just as quickly reverts back into the 'blunka blunka' twangs of the ukeleles and tea-chest notes of the string band. Then the thick island accents pronounce, "...fawwwwwl on your kneeees, oh ear de enjels voiyces...etc." Brilliant! Love it. (But it might be one of those instances where you have to actually hear it to know what I'm talking about, I think. It's not as good in the telling as in the listening.)
  • reading a 'feel-good' paperback and imagining yourself on the gorgeous island of corfu, on which the novel has its setting.
  • reading a 'feel-good' paperback and imagining yourself on the gorgeous island of corfu, on which the novel has its setting.
  • And going there twice would be double the mmmmm, eh Jenn?
  • :P. hadnt realised it had done that.

    but yes, it would definitely been 'mmmmmmmmmmm'!!!
  • Can I add Sean Bean to the list of fellas that make us go mmmmmmm? Well, he's on my list anyway! (preferably in the Sharpe uniform with a thick Yorkshire accent saying "will that be all, m'lady"... not that I'm wanting to be unduly prescriptive here of course...)
  • talking of accents.... the scottish accent. i find that does make me go 'mmmmmmmm'.
  • Oooh, me too!  Love it!  Also the French accent, the Irish accent... (I have friends in London who are Irish.)  Oh, dear :o)

    In anticipation of going out at the weekend - Chinese food.  MmmmMMMMMMMmmm!!!!
  • Island girl, any idea how I could get hold of that CD? I'm half Tongan and I always melt
    when I hear Polynesians singing hymns. I have to make do with Elvis singing Blue Hawaii or the Waikikis. Even with that the stress falls away and you can almost feel a Pacific breeze lifting your hair.
  • Am looking into it for you. ;D
  • ooh! irish is so much better than scottish in the accent dept. irish boys always sound so bad and rugged- see colin farrell, who has the total bad boy package of being GORGEOUS, irish, dirty, sweary, boozy, and a total man-whore. he gets a hundred gold stars in my drool book. yum!
  • Oh Island Girl, I couldn't possibly tell you where I get my free chocolate from. Well, I could but then I would have to hunt you down and kill you! Ha-ha.
  • My friend will be very disappointed.
  • Humming. When I hum that usually makes me go mmmmmmm
  • Well I could give your friend a free tea-bag, Island Girl. On my way to work this morning a rather sexy man shoved a small bag in my hand and chanted some random advertising slogan. When I got into work , 'de-flustered' myself and opened the bag, I found a coupon and a tea-bag. I know, I know...how exciting! Ha-ha
  • Monkeynuts how difficult it was for me not to comment on your message involving sexy men, flustered and tea in bags. If you catch my drift. Good job I'm not on innuendo alert today.
  • Things that make me go MMmmmmmmm....

    After shave. I go all gooey! B/f won't wear it.

    Galaxy, Lindt or Suchard.

    Tall, slim men in well-worn, tight, stonewashed jeans.

    So a tall, slim man smothered in aftershave with a bar of Galaxy in his pocket must be my dream!
  • No, I can't say it. Webbo wouldn't like it.
  • Galaxy...mmmmmm.
  • When your headache has finally gone.
  • Walking barefoot on new grass.
  • waking in the morning to two handsome guys who want to know if I am all right.  I am, when I realise they are both still with me, after I drove them mad all night by a) not sleeping well and b) going to the bathroom at least 3 times, which interrupted some amazing dreams!) Oh and being fussed over on my birthday (today)
  • mmm!  I had to look at a shell-coated hair-slide today, just to make sure that my dream was only a dream.  Somehow, in the dream - yes, I know there's a dream-thread - something had chipped away at my favourite hair-slide of pink shell.  I had to make sure it was all right.  How mad.  But how satisfying when I saw it was whole and unbesmirched or otherwise tampered with.
  • Ooooh, yes.
  • Happy Birthday, Dorothy!
  • the smell of freshly cut grass in a summer rain shower.
  • o and wlaking past a bakers in the morning and smelling freshly baked bread!!!
  • Sorry, Jenn - see the Grrr thread!
  • Just made it to Talkback in time to say Happy Birthday Dorothy. I hope you have had a lovely day.
  • Oh and the what makes me go mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    My wife does
  • Well, Aegean, I'm sure we're all glad to hear that your marriage operates in a satisfactory fashion ;O) he he he
  • Yep first twenty five years have been pretty good.
  • Life, oh life, oh li-i-i-i-ife, oh life (as per the song)... just sometimes, mind.
  • On Cloud Nine TessaTangent?

    'Can't imagine why you should be (I am glad honest).
  • Well, I had watched that prog on Having a Decent Death.  Couldn't sleep after that.  Maybe we should bung up a thread on it.
  • Anybody want to go mmmmmmmmmmmmm?
  • Why not? Best offer I've had this year.

  • edited June 2010
    Skinny dipping?
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