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Who's In January 2011's Magazines due out on the 2nd Dec '10...



  • Did they mind?
  • Mine are still in the plastic since they arrived 2 days ago-as usual I'm still going through last months :(

    Well done Lou and Dorothy-I'll go and open them now ;)
  • Kateyanne they were a bit miffed but got over it fairly quickly. :)
  • [quote=dorothyd]Someone promise me a revamp for the New Year, please!!!!![/quote]
    Happy to oblige! Some new features and new look for Feb, some old ones on their way out... more changes in the next few months
  • Great news Webbo.

    My copies arrived in a pile of post this morning so I immediately read Lou's letter- brilliant, deserved the star staus. And the piece on Dorothy in the members section was good too. I liked the photo with it.
    Well done both of you.
  • Still no post here :(
  • Me neither.
  • Hope your copies arrive soon.
  • Yes I hope so too LIly and Kateyanne. I know what it feels like, being the last on the delivery route. S'not nice.
  • It's the snow but things are a bit clearer today as it's slighly warmer and has been raining so some snow has cleared, hopefully the mail can get through today. Been 3 days without any post.
  • We got more post today which really surprised me.
  • My mags have arrived! Things are thawing a bit here.
  • Quite interested in the children's story comp ( chapter one promotions) on page 63 of WM til I saw the closing date was October 31st!
  • Someone stopped me in the buther's yesterday and congratulated me on a mention in WN. I wasn't aware of it as I only get WM (I've been meaning to upgrade my sub for about six months now!) but she's going to leave her copy in the library for me when she's finished. Only thing is I don't know if it's this month's issue or last? She mentioned Bridge House so I take it it's about Devils, Demons and Werewolves. Did anyone spot anything?

    Oh my name is Marion Clarke BTW!
  • edited December 2010
    Seaview it is in the January issue out this month- members news. "Two subscribers find success with Bridge House" and two photos, one dark haired lady and the other short light hair wearing glasses.

    Congratulations. :)
  • Congratulations on your mention Seaview! Hope you get to read a copy.
  • Thanks for enlightening me Carol. As I wear contacts I must be the dark haired one :) If it's a photo taken in a garden it was one my daughter snapped last year (when she was eight, so guess what she's getting for Christmas!)
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    You look to be sat at a table(?) and there is a bowl of plants with yellow flowers on it partly in front of you. Not sure if it is your shirt or a scarf around your neck- it's coral/orange colour with a dark top covering your arms.
    Does that pin it down?
  • Yep, it was taken during the summer and there were flowers on the garden table at mum's where I was sitting....sounds like me self alright!!!
  • :)
    Perhaps Webbo can e-mail you that item, if you ask him nicely.
  • edited December 2010
    Hey, I'd never have thought of that!
  • if you whisper me your email I could send a photo of the page.
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