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My story 'Hoodwink' I sent to Writer's Circle, won Editor's choice Award

edited November 2011 in - Writing Tales
My story 'Hoodwink' which was one of my WB assignments, won Editor's Choice[Writer's Circle] run by Carl Sutton. As I would obvioulsy like to be paid hopefully, I have sent it to People's Friend this week. Must get back to the rest of my writing.


  • Congratulations, Woll! Up, pen, and at 'em!
  • Well done Woll.

    Unfortunately it is on the web and many magazines consider that published and won't consider published work.
  • I am going to look for other short story markets and look at my earlier work with view to sending more to them as well as Writer's Circle. I actually inherited my desire for writing from my Uncle, my mother's brother who also wrote short stories, worked for Colman's mustard but knowing that the war was on the horizon, joined the territorials then was called up to join the Royal Engineers. However the powers that be discovered he had language qualifications so they called him up to work for MI6 - mind you in a way, just as well as he lost the use of one of his kidneys when he was a young teenager, gallantly trying to save a girl whose bike brakes had failed. Mind you, unbeknown to my mother's parents, he did drop into France behind enemy lines in the latter stage of the war. If they knew, especially grandpa, he would have been stopped just as he was when he wanted to go and fight in the Spanish Civil War. Most of his writing later was on horticulture and gardening, writing articles for The Lady, Amateur Gardening and books. Scour a few second hand book shops and I bet you will find a few by P.R.S Hunt.
    I can remember when I was at boarding school, just days before the end of term I think and I had to go to the dentist to have my braces tightened up. I was browsing through a magazine and found one of my uncle's articles, showing our assistant matron who was very impressed. I think he was also one of the Assistant Editors for Country Life but then I have another tenuous connection with the great and the good for on my father's side of the family, he had a cousin so many times removed called Dudley Nourse[pronounced Nurse] who played cricket for South Africa and when we were in Portugal Dad met another of the same family, the mother and children were staying with us as they were in the throws of divorcing their husband, Dudley's great grandson, Paul who won the Nobel prize for science. Apparently it was featured a few weeks ago on the radio in the morning and he was on the radio - springs to mind that programme on TV 'Who do you think you are?
  • I wasn't paid but never mind, I will consider others for dispatch to other magazines - where one door shuts, others fly open
  • Great news, Woll! Well done :)
  • Well done Woll22. Must have been a great story. If you've done it once you can do it again. Keep writing.
  • Wonderful! Well done you! Woll22.
  • Great news Woll. Well done to you.
  • Well done, Woll.
  • As an occasional gardening writer myself, Woll, I've had a full set of 'The Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of Gardening' sitting on my shelves for years. Just checked it out. The whole thing (22 vols) is edited by Peter Hunt, your uncle. It's an excellent series which I refer to often.
  • Congratulations Woll!
  • Congrats, Woll :)
  • well done Woll
  • Wow! Well done!
  • Well done, Fiona. A real endorsement of your storytelling.
  • Well done, Woll - and what an interesting chap your Uncle was!
  • Hurray for Woll
  • Well done Woll
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