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Coventry Tales launch this evening (Thur 17th) in Coventry Central Library

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Sorry, this is probably too short notice and I'm not sure anyone here would be close enough to come along anyway. But just in case...

At 6-8pm,Thurs 17th November in Coventry Central Library, members of the Coventry Writers' Group will be reading from our new book, 'Coventry Tales'. There'll be nibbles, wine, soft drinks, plus quizzes, prizes, freebies and surprise guests, and the authors will be milling around to chat and sign your copy of the book (except yours truly, who will be milling in one place, owing to bad back!)

All free, on the 2nd floor but accessible via lift.


  • Pity I live too far from Coventry. Have a great evening - sorry to hear about the bad back.
  • Hope you have a super evening. Tell us all about it tomorrow.

  • We had a wonderful time! A respectably-sized audience, who seemed to enjoy our various readings and performances. Our Brian Cox lookalike performed superbly as he read my Professor Brian Bramley skit, 'Wonders of the Coventry Ring'. The youngest performer was only 11, and she read her poem beautifully. We had a piece by King Leofric, Lady Godiva's huband, and discovered what it was really like to be married to said lady. And a very moving piece describing the experiences of a young boy walking through the city on the day after the Coventry blitz.

    We sold a fair few books, too. I chatted to a school librarian who would like me to come into their school and give a talk about 'Coping with Chloe' and run a writing workshop.

    My little chocolate cakes turned out more like brownies because our oven had a temperature malfunction! They still got eaten, though. There was also a lovely cake iced with the cover of Coventry Tales (in edible icing).

    All in all a fun evening, and the staff of Coventry Central Library were, as always, great.
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