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'Charity's Child' will be FREE for 2 days only - April 23rd - 24th

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To celebrate World Book Night (April 23rd), I'll be offering free downloads of 'Charity's Child - Dark Deed or Virgin Birth?' for the period 23rd-24th April. It will be free to download for Amazon Kindle from the Amazon US and UK sites.

The free offer will begin at 8am on April 23rd (midnight, PST) and end at 8am on April 25th.

UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Charitys-Child-Virgin-Birth-ebook/dp/B007Q2ZMTE

US: http://www.amazon.com/Charitys-Child-Virgin-Birth-ebook/dp/B007Q2ZMTE

Don't forget, if you haven't got a Kindle, you can download 'Kindle for PC' free and read the book on your computer/laptop.

I'm really excited about this. Hope some of you will take up the offer. It would be great to have some more reviews from Talkbackers.

Many thanks!


  • Thanks Rosalie will put a reminder in my diary. Have got 'Kindle for PC'.
  • Am reading it now - highly recommended.
  • Will try to remember the date . Would love to download
  • Thanks... I'll put up a reminder on here.
  • Thanks Rosalie, I will download them too.
  • I'd really like to read it but no kindle so will try the other method and thank you, rosalie!
  • It will work perfectly OK on your PC, Ceka. And once you have it saved, you can read at your leisure.
  • Good luck with the promotion Rosalie. Do keep us informed of download numbers and rankings over the two days.
  • Thanks for that, Rosalie. I look forward to reading it.
  • http://readreviewed.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/charitys-child-by-rosalie-warren.html

    Just reviewed it!
  • edited April 2012
    Thank you Helen! Have just seen your review and am really pleased with what you said. Many thanks!
  • Charity's Child is now free - for 2 days only - to download for Amazon Kindle (or Kindle for PC) at


    Adult/YA crossover - Psychological suspense.

    For the link to Baggy's 5-star review, please see her message above.
  • I've downloaded my copy. I look forward to reading it.
  • Just downloaded my copy , now looking forward to reading it
  • Just downloaded my copy. Look forward to reading it. Thanks Rosalie
  • Thanks, everyone, for the downloads so far. Remember, you don't need a Kindle - you can download free software for reading on your computer, laptop or smartphone. Just Google 'Kindle for PC'. 'Kindle for Mac' or whatever...
  • Dear friends, I'm currently 525 in the 'free in Kindle Store' ranking on Amazon UK.

    If you get into the top 100, I understand exciting things happen... the sky turns pink and chocolate bunnies fall from the clouds...

    Please help me see if it's true. Pretty please. It's free....


    Thank you... :)
  • edited April 2012
    Just downloaded it now, good luck with the chocolate bunnies :)
    I've just put the links on my blog. I will ask my wife to download it too.
  • Thanks, Philip, twice over! And for the links.

    382 now. The bunnies are coming... (perhaps?)
  • 241 on UK site

    The Amazon.com figures at beginning to pick up now...
  • [quote=Rosalie]Please help me see if it's true. Pretty please. It's free....[/quote]

    Okay - since you asked so nicely, I've downloaded it. :)
  • Thanks, Claudia :-)

    Current stats on Amaz UK

    #230 Free in Kindle Store
    #19 in Kindle Store > Books > Children's eBooks
    #19 in Kindle Store > Books > Fiction > Children's Fiction

    !! :-) !!

    May not be amazing to some, but for me it's great! Thanks to all for the support so far.
  • I've just downloaded it. I also received my copy of Coping with Chloe in the post the other week (apologies I'd said previously I'd get it on kindle, not realising it was only hard copy!). So, I guess I better get reading! :) Looking forward to them both. Good luck with those stats!
  • Thanks, Debby. Hope you enjoy both!
  • Well, the 2-day ride is over... and I'm exhausted, not just because of that but various festival and school events as well!

    But here are some highlights...

    At one point I was number 219 in UK Kindle free books - and got up to a ranking of 19 in Kindle Children's Books.

    On Amazon.com. I rose at one point to number 3 (!!!) in Children's Fiction.../Social Issues.

    Overall, 505 of my books were downloaded over the 2-day period: 310 from the US site, 192 from UK site and 3 from Amazon.de (Germany).

    So many, many thanks to all who downloaded my book. I've already had some lovely comments and reviews, and hope to have more. 'Likes' are always useful too, as they go into the mysterious Amazon algorithm and get your book better known.

    Anyway, thanks again, folks.
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