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Profile pages

edited January 2008 in - WM and WN
On some people's profile pages it says they have 0 Thank you's, which makes them look like Billy-No-Mates.
I'm not sure of the significance in those circumstances of the thumbs up sign. Is it intended to cheer them up?


  • Perhaps we should give a thank you to everyone who doesn't have any. Would that cheer them up?
  • That's a good idea, Stan, although they might wonder what we're thanking them for!
  • It would cheer me up
  • Hope that cheered you up Cooper - gotta go - the daughter has entrusted me to attack her hair with scissors, yahay! I'm getting her to sign something first to say she asked for it! Mind you, the only reason is she wants more of the turquoise bits to show...
  • Thanks reciprocated McB. It did cheer me up.
  • We need a hugs link, but I don't think Jon can manage that too.
  • There thanks all round to you lovely lot of people. I don' think I missed anyone.
  • Wouldn't trust my mother with scissors near my hair - even when she was much younger and could see properly! lol!
  • I had the home pudding basin haircut until I grew my hair long. When it was finally cut it was at my Mum's hairdressers.
  • It's simple ! All you need is a pair of scissors, a can-do attitude and a child who cares not what they look like!! You also have to look as if you are listening quite intently to what they are asking you to do, then go ahead and do your usual one-cut wonder.

    The fun bit is when you snip some off the back and say 'oops!' - gets 'em every time!

    Why do my children hate me?
  • I could do with some thanks too!
  • Once when I was a child and my hair was shoulder length, my mum decided to cut it. She took one straight cut out of one side at ear level and decided she couldn't do the rest. I'm still deeply traumatised by the experince. It was a Friday before a bank holiday weekend and I cycled round all the hairdressers but no one could fit me in. We were going on holiday the following day. In the end mum had to start ringing round everyone she knew until she found someone who claimed to be able to solve the problem. I had my hair very short for a while.
  • I had long hair when I was first married (I have long hair again now, by choice, my hairdresser tells me I am a walking shade card, it is every colour from white through grey to auburn and blonde - which accounts for a lot) and my husband decided to save me the money of a trim. He got all the hair in one hand and cut straight across ...
  • Our daughter locked herself in the bathroom when she was about 6 and our worst case scenario was thinking we'd be faced with a bathroom painted with toothpaste or something but no...when she finally (sheepishly) opened the door after we'd shouted ourselves hoarse at her through the door, we discovered her imaginary friend Sarah had cut a great chunk off one side of her lovely bottom-length hair. It was off to the hairdressers to even up the sides to ear level.
    Another time she got into the boys' hair grease (Note: hair grease, not gel) and liberally slathered her hair in it. It would not come out and even the hairdresser struggled with the darn stuff for over an hour. It's fine in very small quantities but REALLY hard to get out by the jar full.
  • Never noticed the 'thanks' what's it all about?
  • You just hit the underlined 'thanks' button beside someone's comment and it gives them a thumbs up with your username on it. I guess it saves you going to the trouble of filling in a comment when you simply want to thank someone. Basically, it's a lazy little shortcut. Once recorded, the thanks also comes up on your profile. I've just given you one. Cheers x
  • successfully done IG! Thanks, lol
  • I haven't been on here for ages, but I know I used to have some thankyous. Do they expire after a certain length of time because I haven't got any now and yes Jenny it does make me look a bit sad! Now I will have to make a huge effort to be especially nice to everyone in the hope of getting some thankyous back!
  • I've got loads, although I'm not sure why...
  • Lily we've had some big system updates and major changes so the original thank yous went.
  • We had one major crash as well, Lily, when everything got wiped out. It's been a long haul back to the board being right. You'll soon rebuild your thankyous!
    Probie, you no doubt left a comment somewhere or said something that helped or pleased someone. So they left a thank you.
  • Huh. Okay. :D
  • Dorothy, as regards your 'hair do'. Isn't that how they do it, then comb it for fifteen minutes and charge you £55.00?
  • pretty much, Dwight! I had 1/2 inch cut off my hair yesterday and was charged £10.50 ...
  • Maureen cuts my hair - even though she is wobely on her feet!
  • edited April 2009
    Does she use scissors or a razor? :)
  • I've just thanked somebody for a post in 2008.
  • Oh wake up, Dora. You're going to have to operate more smartly than that.
  • Ooooer. That told me.

    I am sitting up straight now.

    Is that good enough for starters Capt'n Dwight? :)
  • Better. And if you hurry up, you can thank me within the same calendar year.
  • You've made me nervous now, worrying about that I need to get it right.

    Can't do the thank you just yet as I'm all fingers and no thumbs. :(
  • Oooh, i don't know if i have any or not, I'll go and have a look now... due to being slightly tipsy i already feel sorry for all the people who don't have any thank yous, which probably includes me...
  • Whew it's fine i have some, thank goodness, now i just have to feel sorry for those who don't - who doesn't? Are we going to rescue them from thanklessness?
  • Oh look, some lovely thankyous have appeared on my profile! Now I am not a sad and lonely person any more. Now I have to try and thank all the thankers for their thanks. x
  • Lily - Thank you for offering to thank everyone for their thanks but it really isn't necessary. We are all glad to help!
  • How do you start a profile page? I have just joined the Forum with member status.
  • click on the account tab at the top, then at the side there will be a 'personal information' button. Click on that and at the bottom you can make labels such as "favourite books" etc.
  • Hallo Caroline. Welcome to Talkback!
  • Hi Caroline, welcome!
  • Hello Caroline- welcome to Talkback.
  • Hiya Caroline, welcome to Talkback.
  • Hello Caroline. Hope you found the profile okay and are set to fill in a bit about yourself. Welcome to Talkback.
  • Hmmm. Haven't looked at my profile but I am thinking I haven't go many seeing as IG has thanked me on here. Ain't you sweeet to me IG.

    I wouldn't be bothered though being seen to be Dora no mates.

    I ain't fussed to be honest.
  • [quote=dora]I wouldn't be bothered though being seen to be Dora no mates. -

    but you're NOT Dora no-mates - you've got US!!!! (Don't go having nightmares now! ;) )

    (And the thanks is to thank you for being you.)
  • *sulks and wants a thumbs up* ;)
  • On the topic of profile pages - has anyone else noticed IG's latest? :)
  • Yes, can't remember what it was though...
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