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Who's In January 2013's WM/WN?

edited December 2012 in - WM and WN
Who’s in January 2013's magazine? The magazines probably won’t be in the shops until 7th December so DON’T EXPECT THEM UNTIL THEN.

If you spot yourself, please let us know which magazine and WHICH PAGE; and the name the article appears under if it differs from your Talkback name. If you spot someone else, PLEASE LET THEM post the details here.

Remember: if mentioning a story, don’t give away the ending.

This issue has the One Word Anthology feature.


  • Good Lord, it's the end of the month ALREADY! No it's not...November's gorn and we're into December. It's the beginning of the month already!
  • [quote=Carol]This issue has the One Word Anthology feature.[/quote]

  • Wonder how many TB's supplied Lexia with a picture?
    Wonder if those who did appear?
  • I was too scared to mention the photos...
  • I'll let you know...
  • Anyone's post arrived yet?
  • Not yet. Mine will probably arrive this afternoon while I am out.
  • My post has been, but no magazine yet.
  • Same here.

    *chews nails*
  • Today's post was just a huge pile of publicity for stores selling foie gras, and other assorted French Christmas must-haves that the Bear household won't be buying. No WM, but then, it's only 3rd Dec.
    *tries not to look longingly at distant horizon*
    (Can't see horizon as it is peeing down.)
  • Not got mine yet either.
  • I guess if they're not in shops until 7th we won't get them yet... boo!
  • OMG, how horrific. I'd forgotten all about that. Eeek!

    Perhaps it'll be a bit late as January is an awfully long way away. Why, it's next year.

    *gnaws arm off*
  • Meant to be in the shops by Friday, but subscribers get it a few days earlier, so tomorrow onward...
  • Assume we're still waiting?
    My copy wasn't in today's post. :(
  • I haven't had any post yet.
  • Post here, no WM.
  • I suppose, in theory, this issue will carry the most TBers ever?
  • (Fingers crossed for delivery today.)

    Yes, you're right, Baggy. :)
  • Do you think we'll be in the centrefold?
  • I bet I'll be behind the staple.
  • Can't wait.

  • Mine hasn't arrived yet.
  • Mine arrived five minutes ago.
  • Hey, great double page spread there about the anthology! Well done, you lot.
    There's a piece in the members' club section about my new novel, Leaving Gilead.
  • Congratulations, Eddisbury! Great title.

    A members' club, eh? Is that a bit like the Freemasons?

    *rolls up trouser leg, thumbs nose and waggles fingers*
  • [quote=pbw]Mine hasn't arrived yet. [/quote]

    Now it has, in today's post. Great double page spread on the One Word Anthology! Woo! Hoo!
    A million thanks, Webbo and team and to Brenda and Rosemary who worked so hard to put it together.

    So, fame at last. I am in WM because there is a pic of me in the line along the bottom.

    Congrats Eddisbury!
  • Yes, congratulations all of you OWCers. All involved should be proud of themselves!

    Well done also, Eddisbury!
  • We look like a line-up on crimewatch :P
  • edited December 2012
    My post hasn't arrived yet!!!!

    Congratulations, Eddisbury.

    And a big congratulations to all the TB's featured in the magazine piece on the anthology.
  • Darn it, mine's not here. Oh, poopy doops.
  • I forgot to send my photo for the article on the anthology. Just going to read it now.
  • I've got my mag. Wow, what a lot of space we've been given. Thanks, Webbo.

    *wonders who all the strange people are at the bottom of the page*
  • The images look great!

    *wonders where Serena is*
  • edited December 2012
    It's a great article, and it's good to see so many faces, even if I can't put names to them all. :)

    Three cheers for Jonathan.
  • Mine arrived 30 minutes ago, and I have just read the article. It's lovely to see our faces at the bottom of the page, although aside from a few I have no idea who everyone is. :)
  • [quote=Carol]Three cheers for Jonathan.

    "rummages in undergarments and offers up three candles and dead parrot"

    Hurraaaaay!!!! for Jonathan
  • Mine arrived today. Well done to everyone featured in the One Word anthology!
  • Waiting....
  • Congratulations, Eddisbury!
  • Mine's arrived. Not had a chance to open it yet.
  • Mine has arrived today - not opened yet, something to look forward to.
  • [quote=dora] three candles and dead parrot"[/quote]

    Where did you put the fourth candle, dora?
  • I still haven't got mine.
  • Yay!!! Mine was there when I got in from work this afternoon - I was dead chuffed - a quote in the anthology article and a pic of my cover illustration of the OWC. Then there was an article in members' news about the first anthology of haiku from Irealnd 'Bamboo Dreams', in which I have seven of my haiku with a mugshot of me and the cover of that book.

    Many thanks, Jonathan. Almost makes up for the fact I got nowhere in the WM haiku comp - I was totally gutted about that as I'd worked, reworked and networked my entry :( Oh well...no doubt I can recycle it for something else. :)

  • Well done, Seaview.
  • Mine was this morning's post. Well Cotton Traders brochure came as well but that went straight into the recycle blue bag.

    Congratulations Eddisbury. Leaving Gilead sounds like my kind of book. I will download it - as soon as you tell me how to pronounce 'Gilead' :)

    Congratulations (again) to everyone concerned with the OWC Anthology. Didn't expect a double pager article like it is. Very impressed !

    [quote=Neph]We look like a line-up on crimewatch [/quote]
    No we don't, Neph. We look brilliant - which is what we are !

    What a shame you forgot to send your pic Nefertari.
    Anyone who wants to see what you look like can maybe look on the Talkback Facebook page.

    I can post a list of who's who if anyone wants it, or maybe it could be a new guessing game/challenge.
    Or maybe not. I have enough trouble putting TB names to faces, never mind putting faces to real names. ;)
    Well done again, everybody. Think we can all give ourselves a big pat on the back and treat ourselves to a celebratory something or other. Wonder if that launch party is still on ...
  • Lexia - it's Gil (as in Gil Grissom) e ad with the stress on the first syllable :)
  • [quote=Seaview]Then there was an article in members' news about the first anthology of haiku from Irealnd 'Bamboo Dreams', in which I have seven of my haiku with a mugshot of me and the cover of that book.[/quote]
    Posted at same time as you I think Seaview so am just going back to look for your other article. What a star you are. Well done !
  • Thanks Eddisbury.
    Gil - ee - ad, like the i - lee - ad (Homer or someone :) )
    Off to Smashwords right now.
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