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Writers Online free newsletter (again)

edited August 2013 in - WM and WN
I'm still not receiving this, so seeing the little envelope thingy on the front page screen, I thought I'd sign up again. Typed in my WO subscriber number, surname and postcode: I was instantly told there's an error, you can't find anyone with those co-ordinates. I've vanished.
*Twists to look in mirror* No, I'm still here. Just not there. Ideas?


  • I'm investigating now Mrs B. Surely you already have an account, so shouldn't need the surname and postcode when logging in?
  • [quote=Mrs Bear]Ideas?

    Remove the invisibility cloak.

    Only YOU can see yourself when wearing it.
  • I've never received it other than when it's been forwarded to me.
  • Never received it either.
  • Mrs B, BB and PM - do you have alternative email addresses we could try instead?
    I'm digging around the files, but in each case we've got email addresses listed, you are signed up, and our emails haven't been bounced back so we don't have much to go on!
    I'm sure you all have done this last time we visited this, but just in case, please could you make sure we're in your address book or on your safe senders list (as here: http://www.communicatorcorp.com/safesenders/[email protected]
  • May have unearthed something and made a change on our system here. The next newsletter is due to go out on 29 August. Please could you let me know if you do or don't get it?
  • *holds breath, then decides that was a mistake*

  • Ah. I used to get it, but recently I changed my email address, so I'd better check out my account.
  • You may have to remind us, Webbo. I haven't changed my email address and you are in my address book.
  • Getting to the bottom of it now... looks like Patsy and Mrs B, you may at some stage have marked us as spam or junk, which sends a message back to your email provider to say block us. Should be fixed for the next one.
    Baggy, your problem is different, but we've fixed it.

    If anybody else is signed up for the newsletter (check on "View account" from homepage) but not received it, please shout now!
  • [quote=Webbo]Baggy, your problem is different, but we've fixed it. [/quote]

  • Sorry, should have made that clearer. Baggy, we've helped you as best we can!
  • Patsy, Mrs B - as our email sender has to uphold all objections (even accidental ones), please could you both send me a quick email stating that you would like to receive the newsletter: [email protected]
  • Sent!

    I deliberately mark loads of things as spam and, as far as I know, this one instance of accidental marking is the only time it's ever resulted in my not getting more emails from the senders concerned.
  • Sent too.
    I don't mark things as spam, but Thunderbird does arbitrarily: I have a friend who forwards me stuff from various places, and half if it turns up in spam, and half doesn't - even dual copies of the same thing can be sorted into different places. So maybe that was the problem here.
    In any case, I'd have noticed it being in the spam folder and would have marked it as not spam. We'll see. Thanks for your help, Webbo.
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