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New Anthology... with my story in it!

edited December 2013 in - Writing Tales
A new anthology entitled 'Off the KUF' (Volume 2) came out today and my story is in it. The reason it's called 'Off the KUF' is because all the contributing authors belong to the Kindle Users Forum, a group someone from here put me onto a few years ago. They're a great bunch and I think about 50% of my British sales probably come through them as well as a huge proportion of the book cover work I get. The forum is run by a lovely chap named Lou who, like our own Webbo, does a lot of work with not enough thanks. Things were getting a bit tight for Lou, who runs the site from his own funds and whatever advertising he can get. To help raise money to help him to keep the site going, someone suggested an anthology. So many stories were contributed that two anthologies of short stories have been produced and next year there will be an anthology of novellas. David Wailing did the huge editorial job and I did the covers - very much to David's specifications.

This is the link if you're at all interested. It's a varied collection, with no particular theme or length limit. My story is the first one and for once, it's not fantasy!



  • Hope it does well - looks good.

    Forum looks interesting:

  • edited December 2013
    Thanks, BB. I should have thought to put that link as well. Yes, it is an interesting forum. Not better than this one, of course! Just different.
  • Great, Nena.

    I'm intrigued as to how the ranking is so high on the first day out. It must be to do with the tagging - or maybe there's been a flux of sales!

    Hope it does well for you!
  • If just all the authors buy themselves a copy, that's a lot of sales!
  • Oh, of course!

    *slaps head*
  • I see another TBer in the list!

    Great, hope it does really well, Nena!
  • Congratulations, Nena.
  • Well done, Nena - hope for lots of sales!
  • Congratulations, Nena.
  • Congratulations Nena, and the cover credit too.
  • Well done, Nena. Clever title.
  • Congrats Nena - hope it does well.
    I can't buy one as I don't have a Kindle and I have to shop at Amazon Spain!
  • [quote=Lizy]I don't have a Kindle[/quote]Try this http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/feature.html/ref=kcp_pc_mkt_lnd?docId=1000423913

    Congratulations Nena, stalwart work.
  • Congratulations, Nena!
  • Congratulations, Nena.
  • Thanks everyone. It's slowly slipping back on the charts now, but hopefully it's raised some funds for the forum.
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