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Have you 30 minutes to read and review my (gulp) exciting literary coup?

edited January 2014 in - Writing Tales
Hi - at last .... I have produced a book/thesis ... and I would dearly love my Talkback pals to help me get it noticed on Amazon!! I have made it as a free to download kindle for 48 hours - January 2 and January 3 ... and it would be just so wonderful if you were able to download, take a look, then post a review online.

The story goes ... The book is called The Secret Code of Edward Thomas - and I believe that, after 100 years of being hidden, I have discovered a hidden message left by this famous World War 1/ Adlestrop poet to his readers.

It is less than 3,500 words long ... so should take a seasoned Talkbacker less than the time it takes to, oh I don't know, enter the One Word Challenge>>!!

Do hope you can help,

best wishes and Happy New Year

A (and A.sse also x)


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