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Resources database

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Has anyone created a database of magazines and other writing resource? What is your approach to doing this? How do you manage it? How do you gather your resources?


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    If I wanted one, I think I'd refer to the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook.
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    The Yearbook is certainly one of the best resources but it's a tiny fraction of what's available.
  • I have a kind of database with all the details of magazines I want to submit to (and a blog now, to share that info) and another for free competitions to enter.
  • Are you able to share your blog url?

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    http://patsy-collins.blogspot.co.uk If it's competitions you're interested, click on the tag 'free to enter writing competiions' and it should bring up all the relevant posts.
  • Thanks will have a read :)

  • I have my own database that is becoming a bit unmanageable, as it's now 16,000+ resources. Does anyone know would it be within the rules to ask if people want to share the use/management of this resource? So others can use it but they must update it from the information they receive back? So for instance ,dead emails, or magazines that don't pay etc?
  • Sharing should be OK, I'd have thought as long as all the info is publicly available elsewhere and you're not giving out editors' home phone numbers (not that I'm suggesting you would!)

    There's a facebbok group for TBers - perhaps you could add it there as a dcument that anyone interested could access and/or edit?
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    Its currently on dropbox but I think its going to move to something better. And yes all information came from the interest so no personal details.

    I've actually banned myself from FB until next Tuesday as I have exams. But will check it out when I lift the ban :)
  • Wow. That is a lot of stuff!
  • It's mad. I couldn't stop...
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