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Social media question

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You'll probably think this is a daft question if you know the answer, but I haven't been able to work it out for myself. I'm setting up a new blog and one of the options is to add social media icons to my posts. I have a Twitter account so I've added a follow link to that, but is there any point in adding icons for platforms (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest) that I don't use?


  • Nope. They should be links to your accounts on those platforms. If you don't have an account they are unncessary.
  • Thanks, Baggy. I wasn't sure if readers could use them to share my blog posts on their social media accounts. Although, if someone did that I'd feel obliged to respond and I just haven't got the time or enthusiasm to sign up to all these different sites!
  • There are usually separate buttons for sharing. You need to check which ones you have available.
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    For the ones which link to your social media, then don't have any for platforms you don't use – it will look like they're broken links and/or confuse people.

    For the ones where people can share your blog posts, then you could include platforms you don't use. Personally I'd pick the few I thought would be best, rather than have absolutely everything available. Going over one row of them looks a bit frantic.
  • Underneath the posts I have Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google. i belong to all of them.
  • On blogger posts there's a row of symbols, all it does by clicking on those is share your post on Facebook, tweet the latest post etc.

  • Thanks, everyone. Yes, I think less will be best in this case.
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    Don't forget to add your link to the Blog Updates thread once you're up and running, Storytime.
  • If they are sharing buttons I would have them all! You don't know what platforms people might be using.
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