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Is it a good idea to enrol in Kindle Select?


  • Is that the thing where you can offer free books at certain times, etc?

    Yes, I do that sometimes.
  • Reading Carol's link, it doesn't look so attractive, though I'm not expecting to reac h any dizzy heights in the Amazon rankings anyway :(
  • If you're not planning to sell your books through any non Amazon sites you might as well. If you think you have a good chance at selling via Smashwords or any of Amazon's other rivals, then it makes more sense to upload your books there too.
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    Agree PM.

    Some books will also do well because of their genre, so try it. If it doesn't work for you then you can come out after the set time is up.

    Another useful website on it.

  • Even reading that makes my brain hurt!

    If I've grasped the point correctly, using Kindle Select for H-S, which is at present a stand-alone book, could be a good thing, whereas AVR, which is one of a planned series, could do better out of it.
  • The kindle charts baffle me. My debut novel love byte in the last year has been consistently in the top 500 for about 6 months straight, reaching the dizzy heights of 56 before dropping back. Kind of like a rubbish pop song that does well in Finland. But in the subject genre charts ie contemporary romance it's been kicking about between 12 - 34 cracking the top 10 twice, but in the romance chart overall it's been no higher than 19 but spent the last month floating about in the 30's. Confused? You will be lol.
  • Kindle charts? Not even looked at those, on the basis that my sales figures are hardly likely to reach any charts!
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