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Just to let you know that I'm going on holiday and won't be around to deal with spam for a little while. I'll clean the threads up when I return.

Best wishes


  • Thanks for letting us know – send us a postcard?!
  • Enjoy your holiday.

  • Have a good time, Tam!

    You don't mind if we leave out the dirty dishes, too, do you?
  • Enjoy your holiday.

    I think the spammers will enjoy it too.  They've already started!
  • I think we should write a little poetry in Tam's absence.

    Tam, Tam, hear her door slam, she's off on hols to flee from t'spam
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    Yes.  Possibly those nice people behind the Python Spamalot musical might even see fit to sponsor us in a Spamtabulous Talkback panto!

    *toddles off to pprepare lines*
  • LizLiz
    edited October 2019
    Hope you have a lovely time, TAM. Hope we don't drown meanwhile...
  • I'll have your dusters laundered ready for your return.

    That would be exciting, dora.

    If not, maybe Tbers should start one, later on, in the year, what's left of it.

  • Enjoy Cleethorpes.
  • dora said:
    I think we should write a little poetry in Tam's absence.

    Tam, Tam, hear her door slam, she's off on hols to flee from t'spam
    Oh Dora Dora
    Bloody nora
    Your rhymes are better than mine
  • Thought tam was male?
  • edited October 2019
    DeneBebbo said:

    Oh Dora Dora
    Bloody nora
    Your rhymes are better than mine

    (read the following first two lines accompanied by The White Stripes)

    Oh Deeeene Bebbo
    I dooooo not think so.

    Tam! come back again,
    Now there is four of them.
  • Liz said:
    Thought tam was male?

    So did I, Liz.
  • The spam has gone

    Nothing else went wrong

    Is Tam a guy or gal?

    Or maybe just a pal?

    (who can't write poetry)

    Cheers folks!

  • Tam Tam you have
    Up TB by clearing t'spam!

    Well done that man (er, or woman)
  • H_A, there's no one to do authorisation, so it's clear the spam after it's posted.
  • Two more now.
  • edited October 2019
    We're on another spam wave this evening... :neutral:
  • Spam fritters! Hmmmm
  • There's about six showing now.
  • Getting annoying.
  • Seven now.

    Would it be possible to moderate new member's first post? I know that would take time, but then so does removing the spam.
  • They've been removed now, thankfully.
  • In some writers' groups on Facebook, you have to answer a question before they allow you to join.
  • One has even joined an already established thread. The what book y'all reading thread has been invaded. 

  • Thank you, Dora. I would have missed that one.

  • No worries but that's the second spam comment I've noticed from that account 

    I also note that account still exists. 

    Surely if the aim is to clear spam there shd be a system to delete rogue accounts immediately. If spam accounts continue to exist the spam will continue to spread. 
  • Two more now. 

    I'm mentioning them here as we can't flag them from the post.
  • Don't worry - reporting them won't speed up the process.  I'll pop in as regularly as I can to check for spam. 
  • Getting to the stage of a three times a day sweep TAM.
  • There is 10 there atm
  • LizLiz
    edited October 2019
    Ten! What a pain this is. I don't understand why this user is not blocked - is this not possible on this site? It's clearly coming from the same place. 
  • 3 new now since half four
  • Yes, it's getting difficult to see authentic posts, especially on a phone screen where this site is now showing in a much smaller window than previously.

    I acknowledge, though, that it's an ongoing pain for the moderators to police.
  • edited October 2019
    I posted a question on a new discussion thread a while ago. It's gone! I am not spam!
  • I think I replied but can't recall what the question was - oh, yes, you are correct but Word might just have been underlining to suggest a different word order. 
  • Oh, thank you, Liz.
  • It's getting difficult to see the genuine posts through the spam on the PC screen, TN, so you're not alone.
  • It is annoying.

    Getting new members to answer a question before being allowed to post would help a bit – at least it would weed out those who can't write in English.
  • edited October 2019
    This new version of TB is obviously even more rubbish than the last because all this spam is getting through more easily than on the last system. 

    Plus, as u say TN, only half the screen is visible when viewing on a phone. 

    Writers News seem to be scraping the barrel to allow us all to keep yabbering on via Talkback. 

    There is 8 spam discussions up now. 20 past 7 
  • Since the last lot were removed another 8 have appeared.
  • I hope Tam works nights, lol. 
  • Tam, Tam
    We're drowning in spam
    Is there owt you can
    Do for us TB clan?
  • I have alerted Jonathan to this. Not sure what he can do, but he now knows about the problem. 
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