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  • [quote=Red]And three little flashes which were written for Lily's Friday Flash.

    Don't you mean WAS written for Lily's Friday Fiction? Sorry.

    If you're wondering why I thanked you for that post I hit it by mistake when trying to quote.
  • I've resurrected my punchy reviews of shorts 'n' novels if anyone fancies a nosey...

  • http://blogathonchallenge.blogspot.com/

    Hands, Knees and Toes
  • A post about winning NaNo. I may put a NaNo winner badge on my blog too.

    Now, I just need to start working on the other writing bits now, so I still have something writerly to blog about!

  • Updated the blog and polished off the settings of a story today. If you want to find out what Love's Untold Secrets are...then read on.

  • final update on nano:

  • My latest NaNoWriMo update:


  • http://blogathonchallenge.blogspot.com/

  • http://blogathonchallenge.blogspot.com/

    Thread and the first word had to start with a P, please.
  • http://carol-bevitt.blogspot.com/2010/11/competition-updates.html
  • You get a mention Lou...

  • Red.

  • Experimental

  • Added the second part to my short story, "Backfire", this evening - also re-inserted a missing paragraph from the original Part 1 (I didn't notice it was missing [near the start] until I added Part 2)...Ooopsie! :-D

    Hope you enjoy it:


    I'll be adding more to the "Old Fogey's" blog, Ivor Gripe's "Mustn't Grumble", this weekend - flex yer chuckle-muscles!...:

  • Posted the summary and winners of last week's Lily's Friday Prediction at http://lilychildsfeardom.blogspot.com/2010/12/prediction-winner.html
  • Quicky update:

  • I have written for Fiction Friday. HEre is my entry:

  • About a new series I enjoyed last night...

  • http://therandomthoughtsofchippy.blogspot.com/2010/12/snowpocalypse.html

    A post about my walk to work recently, along with a little rant.
  • Hope the blisters are healing Chippy.
  • http://fiona-maddock.blogspot.com/

    I picked up on NIcola Morgan's rant about saving our libraries and as I am a scorned furious woman these days I have blogged too and linked to it, if you guys are interested...it would be good to get up a momentum to stop local government razing our communities to the ground.
  • I'm working on a synopsis for my NaNo novel so a blog post on writing synopsis:
  • I have just created a new blog in WordPress, to promote my mother's poetry.

  • One, Two, Three

  • Hi I've finally crossed over to the dark side and exported to Blogger. No updates on there yet but I joined because Wordpress didn't have the follow button and I want to start updating regularly now. The thing is my poor little blog has no friends. If you can find it in your heart to pop over and help him he'd be very grateful.

    He lives alone like an orphan here-


    Go ahead make a lonely blog a happy blog with your follow donation at this special time of year.
  • Do I get a refund?
  • I'm there Tone; and subscribed to feed too. Gorgeous template, me old dear.
  • BB all follow donations go directly to the blog and will not be used for buying Tweets for terrorist blog armies in internet based dictatorships on Face Book. Give generously and know you changed the life of a blog that could but for the grace of MySpace, be yours.

    Cheers Lily, and BB (even though you tried to hide as a shadow on your pic).
  • I didn't want to scare anyone.
  • http://blogathonchallenge.blogspot.com/

  • I posted an update here earlier and it's gone.
  • I found it, courtesy of NORAD.
  • edited December 2010

  • Cheers FT :)

  • Advice on how to use the senses in narrative and description


    And a recent story, Lonely Hearts, first appeared in Thrillers Killers n Chillers. (Not for the faint hearted).

  • Some incredible photos I took with my phone and how even freezing weather can heat up our imaginations.

  • Prongs.

  • Pools of sorrow, waves of joy. How one man changed my life and the place I call home.

  • Exit Bags.

    A story I knocked up today influenced by the frozen spider webs I saw on Monday. Hated writing this and editing the pictures. Feel all creepy now.

  • Sausages.

  • Improve your grammar and so on with these tests...

  • ST, I got a blank page when I tried to access the story.
  • Dorothy, scroll up the apparent blank page and click on the acceptance box.
  • stupid me.

    Loved it, in a creepy crawly sort of way. I can understand how it would affect you - but I also felt it was a 'had to be written' story which someone is going to want one day.
  • http://blogathonchallenge.blogspot.com/

  • As my writing skills are limited, I'm going the critic route:


    Only recently started so comments and suggestions gratefully received. Money is tight at the moment so if a book isn't already on my shelves (or floor, or dining table) it can't be reviewed, sorry.
  • I don't normally announce my random thoughts but this one is a slightly extended one...in fact it is a minor rant.

  • Added a foo... Oi mean, few letters to my Ivor Gripe "Mustn't Grumble" Postbag tonight - good for a giggle (if you can read Suffolk-ese)...


    Working on a spooky short story for both my "Devil-May-Care" Blog, and to submit to Spook City...
  • http://www.pithypostmoderntitle.blogspot.com/

    My continuing adventures in poetry land. My first serious forray into the world of 'worthy' poetry has left me with mixed feelings. I wrote something about an egg to cheer myself up.
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