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An Ass Short Story to introduce myself

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Hello guys i’m a Titass Writer but i hope you won't misunderstand me. I don't write short stories only about Tits and Asses. I've just written this one.Click on the link below and watch the video trailer i made to promote it. There you will find also the link to read it.


i will be honoured to have your opinions


  • Hello Titass Writer
    I dont have Adobe Flash to watch the video trailer.
    If the pictures on the right of the web page are anything to go by.
    Could be interesting. WooLala.
  • Certainly different for a video trailer, but it might be an issue with the rules of the Talkback website...
  • [quote=Titass Writer]I don't write short stories only about Tits and Asses. [/quote]

    I've no idea what those are. Do you mean birds and animals simliar to donkeys?

    Same as francis. No can do.

    Best of luck.
  • Welcome TA. Interesting video, hope it gets you some hits. I don't see anything too wrong here, but just so there's no mistake in future, please keep it PG within Talkback.
    (It's also nice to hang around and get to know people a bit before posting your link, but hopefully you'll settle in now)
  • Oops, I read it as 'Tightass', sorry (hope that's not offensive on TB)
  • There's nothing wrong with looking after your money, call it what you may.
    It's my middle name.
  • [quote=Rosalie]Oops, I read it as 'Tightass', sorry (hope that's not offensive on TB)[/quote]

    I was reminded of the title of the first novel in the Gormenghast series, then remembered my better half's oft asked question..do you think that is appropriate Shaun?

    I guess the answer would be No as usual :-)
  • Well...I've followed several links branching off from your original now to get to the 'advertised' story, Titass Writer, and I can't say I'm any the wiser. Having English as your second language hasn't made the going any easier (grammatically wise), I'm afraid. Not sure if you are in fact a Catholic priest with non-politically correct tendencies or someone with a good imagination but I suppose it IS Christmas time so I should just wish you good luck with whatever audience you're trying to appeal to.
  • When it comes to searching out information that is too difficult to find,

    personally, I can't be assed.
  • My computer thought I'd clicked on some pornographic link and sent me a warning thingy !

    Hee Haw Hee Haw ...

  • Isn't there something in the ten commandments about asses.
    I'm glad I wasn't one in them days. Or now mind.
  • I think it was "passes", francis, when the loaves and fishes were handed round, after all, not everybody likes a fish sandwich do they.
  • I'd go for the wine.
  • A "p" makes a lot of difference.
    If they had offered chip's I dont think there would have been so much left overs.
    I'd go for that too,BB.
  • About not coveting your neighbour's ass?

    (Don't look at me, I didn't write them...)
  • Not an easy thing to do, while handing out loaves and fishes.
  • Sorry "Fish".
  • Just had a look in dictionary. Fish. pl same. or fishes.
  • edited December 2011
    Would that be Francis of Ass-Isi? :-D

    Don't know who you are struggling to be, 'titass writer', and I'm far from prudish, but that link and its connotations/supposed links are wasted on here; why not link up to the soft porn sites, if that's your market? Baffled me...
  • Found the video cheeky but, as BLZ says, I don't think we're the target audience.

    Chocolate seems to get most of the juices flowing around here.
  • [quote=Island Girl]Not sure if you are in fact a Catholic priest with non-politically correct tendencies or someone with a good imagination but I suppose it IS Christmas time so I should just wish you good luck with whatever audience you're trying to appeal to.[/quote]


    [quote=B L Zebub]Don't know who you are struggling to be, 'titass writer', and I'm far from prudish[/quote]

  • Nice one BLZ.
    I like a bit of naughty panto type banter but thats as far as it goes for me. At my age.
    Dont talk about chocolate, I've eaten more af that stuff sinse I,ve been nosing
    in the threads here than I have ever done, and with the boxes being so inexpensive
    ...Have put on 2kg...I'm going to stop tomorrow...I said that yesterday but I mean it today.
  • You stopped yet francis ?
    Just on way out to see if there's any of those big tins of quality street/roses/heroes etc left !
  • Wooo, hope there is some left for you.
    Had a lovely big box of Dairy Milk and a bottle of BushMills whisky left in the stock lorry by the market auctioneer yesterday, so havn't stopped just yet.
  • Did Tightass (I saw that one too, Rosalie!) only come on here just to post that link? He/she hasn't been back since.
    Not sure that's quite what TB is for!
  • Hello i read all your comments, i've just wanted to assure u that i am not a priest. I am really a Titass Writer because i don't write only short stories about Tits and Asses, i also write aphorisms usually upon the breast of a woman. Take a look:

  • Not my kind of thing.
  • I don't think I'll click on the link, thank you.
  • Don't bother.
  • Do us all a favour, eh, T/A-W? Grow up & go elsewhere with this purile tripe? Even the like of Forum Magazine would hit the 'delete' button...
  • I am very sorry to say this but there are some people here who don't seem friendly at all.I Can't understand the reason really. Are u sure this a forum for writers? It looks more like a forum for bigots...
  • TW.
    We are generally very friendly, but we often have people sign up to Talkback just to advertise their book and/or promote themselves and or/their websites and have absolutely no intention of ever taking part in the life of the forum.

    They launch right in 'promoting' which immediately rings warning bells. As a consequence many members can be less than polite.

    The writers here are very different and we all try and limit the offence we could inadvertantly give by not considering what we give links to, and if it includes something that could be offensive/upsetting because of the subject matter we've found it advisable to add a brief warning message.

    I hope this helps you understand why you may be receiving unexpected remarks.
  • [quote=Titass Writer] don't seem friendly at all[/quote]
    You could not be more wrong.
    The Ladies and gentlemen in here are more than tolerant. Believe me, I know. All the best.
  • INdeed francis

    If you can't tolerate this kind of behaviour, you ain't lived

    "burps farts and leaves"
  • OK, that's enough
    Sink it
  • yeah

    sit on it everyone

  • edited December 2011
    Edited to remove my original post because I've since decided not to get involved in this thread.

    Happy Christmas!
  • the fact is that you have neither read the Ass short story or the tits aphorisms. Just because you read tits or ass, you're resentful. I really think some people here suffer from sexphobia.

    p.s. Learn to read before criticize
  • If the links actually worked orrectly and contained something really WORTH reading, you'd have a point - but personally speaking, TW, I feel you've rattled too many cages on here, simply by making a fool of yourself in your 'intro' YouTube clip (Yes, I can see you meant it to be a fun giggle, etc, but it isn't, really - more suited to a Facebook prank, I feel - can't see how that sort of gag might "impress" any Literary Agents that do frequent this forum, searching for talent)...

    Although the vast majority of us here do have a very wide acceptance of various literary genres (and several members also write Erotica, too),, the impression you've created here is one of acute flippancy in attitude to sex, and particularly, a total lack of respect to the female members of this very worthwhile forum by simply & constantly chucking the words "tit" and "ass" about so carelessly - as if deliberately trying to provoke bad reaction, as only a very immature person might. I couldn't tell your rough age from your YouTube video clip, but let's face it - giggle aside - it wouldn't impress any sex-film moguls, eh? Definitely a case of "How Not To Impress The Judges", I'm afraid... ;-)

    The point here, TW, is that if you want to have a good, worthwhile interaction with constructive criticism and valid input - particularly if you might like some friendly and accurate advice from the ladies - you should treat the forum members with a little more respect, and a great deal less brashness & rudeness. I sincerely recommend you read, digest and perhaps gain inspiration from the author Eric Van Lustbader's "The Ninja" series of books - now, THERE'S a good mixture of martial arts, magic, and no-holds-barred unadulterated SEX! You'll be amazed by his style and ability to blow your mind and arouse...'interest'...without the "tabloid"-style slap-in-the-face approach you've adopted here.

    I know I blew a gasket, back up the thread a bit, but I sincerely hope you'll accept & digest these comments as FRIENDLY advice, and reconsider your approach to the sexual fantasy genre; let's face it, we can ALL fantasise about what we'd like to experience - maybe we've even lived the fantasies (I'm saying nowt about mine!!! :-) ) - but the real art of presentation of such stories is in quality delivery, not a wet kipper across the mush!

    Give it a try, eh, TW? It'll do you a world of good - promise! ;-)
  • Well put, BLZ, thank you
  • edited December 2011
    It may be panto season, but let's keep it clean from now on shall we? Titass, the Talkbackers are a friendly, tolerant bunch with a lot of writing experience and everyone gets to air their views without there being any need for things to get heated. We hope you'll settle in and see what a positive, supportive forum this is.
  • First of all I apologize if I disrespected u.I didn't mean it really. Secondly I do not feel such a good a writer. I'm sure you're all much more capable than me. However I do not understand why saying certain words like Tits or Ass means to be disrespectful to a woman
  • edited December 2011
    Thanks Titass, that's graceful of you and I'm sure that the Talkbackers will happily chat to you about problems that crop up with writing - that's one of the things this forum is really good for. But it's probably best just to accept that not everyone is happy with the words you mention because they are associated with disrespect even if that's not at all what you intended, and let it drop for the sake of keeping the peace.
    Happy writing!
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