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Hello everyone!
Writing Magazine and Writers\' News now have a Twitter feed. Follow us now so you can enjoy regular updates and news from us.


  • Hello

    Oh dear. I don't use Twitter or Facebook come to think of it. Does this mean I will miss out on news and updates Webbo?
  • I've signed up - just to see if it's worth it. Can't help thinking the updates and news should be on here?
  • that's what I thought BB.

    Will they be transferring their 2008 competition deadlines that are on a link on the main page, or were couple of days ago, do you think? yes I did say 2008, only I was looking for info about comps, and they hadn't been updated.

    Thankfully, other TBers came to my assistance.
  • I wouldn't mind if they updated the competition page, last time I looked it was still in 2008.

    Not sure I'll bother, but I do agree with BB that updates should be on this site.
  • Is Twitter another way to waste time when we should be writing?
  • Don't know, never go there Stan.
  • Nor do I.
  • But I do have to drive to Cambridge this afternoon! Seeeeeeeeee yoooooooooooooou.
  • Looks like we'll both be left out in the cold.

  • We will!!
  • edited October 2009
    [quote=niddy]I wouldn't mind if they updated the competition page, last time I looked it was still in 2008.[/quote]

    Yes Niddy, that would be more helpful to me, as a writer and a subscriber to the mag that runs the comps, than joining the collective twits on Twitter.

    Why does everybody feel they have to join Twitter, just because it is there? Doesn't mean to say it is a good thing, or right, just because the masses like to go on and twitter.
  • We'll be adding our Twitter feed onto the site, so don't worry, any updates will also appear on here.
    I am just updating the competitions page now.
  • Thanks Webbo.

    Dora, I don't do Twitter either.
  • Excellent. I've deleted my Twitter account.
  • Oooo, I have Twitter. I'll do that later.
  • The competitions pages are now updated, to show remaining comps for 2009, and all in 2010.
    Twitter will be incorporated into the site (with a sidebar on the left hand side of Talkback, or a panel on the main site homepage) as soon as our techies can manage.
  • thanks for doing the update Webbo
  • Ooooh, that sounds interesting. Thanks webbo.
  • Don't think I shall join twitter; seems to me that like facebook it's another way to waste valuable writing time!
  • Ooh thanks for updating the competitions page Webbo. :)
  • Good news all round. Thanks.
  • Since we haven't yet got the Twitter feed onto the site (and not to neglect our faithful Talkbackers), here's today's posting:

    It's National Poetry Day! Anyone fancy writing a Twitter poem? Think haiku might suit the format best.

    Can anyone come up with anything? The theme is Heroes and Heroines, but that might be a bit of a stretch in 140 characters.
  • Webbo did you break Twitter? I've been trying to go to my account and the whole of Twitter seems to have frozen. Is it just a coincidence that you messed with it today and now it’s like an iceberg looking out for unsinkable ships to bump into????????
  • edited October 2009
    ST I had the same problem today- couldn't get the sign in page, so e-mailed to let Jonathan and Jon know. It was the Twitter plug in that interfered for some unknown reason apparently.
    the Twitter link is now on the homepage.
    Jonathan kindly e-mailed me to let me know it was sorted.
  • Cheers Carol I'll give it a go in a bit.
  • I'm following...
  • Me too and loads more people too!! Must give this more of a try. Im LilEmmaB :-)
  • Wonder if this had anything to do with our problems today.

  • Yeah that's what happened to me Carol. All sorted now but still getting some delayed tweets from earlier. Makes me feel like I'm in a time machine.
  • Does Twitter make you go all of aTwitter?
  • You mean tweet tweet...;)
  • That's reet Stan. In fact a correct one for each is a Reet-per-Tweet as Jackie Wilson might have said.
  • Oh drats! I've registered with Twitter but couldn't have "Island Girl" so now I have to be "Eyreland Girl". Don't you hate it when some upstart comes along and pinches your name? It's a good thing I'm an ingenious sort of an Island Girl, eh! :D
  • Genius indeed and only took me three reads to get it.
  • :D
    Well it is Friday...
  • I am twittering! My twit address is http://twitter.com/josie_henley come and tweet at me!

    Yes it can be a time waster like blogs, facebook and other social networks (dare I say TB), but can also be useful for marketing and mass communication. You just have to keep an eye on the time and be strict with yourself if you don’t want it to encroach on writing time.
  • Your twit address?!
  • [quote=Emma B]Me too and loads more people too!! Must give this more of a try. Im LilEmmaB [/quote]

    Thanks for my follow, Emma. I'm folowing you too. :)
  • Follow the Emma!
  • yes my twit address! I do think the name is funny and if you know me then you’ll know I would exploit that. On my website I call it twatter but thought that some TB-ers may have their sensibilities offended by that so didn’t say it earlier.
  • Josie that’s what a lot of us call celebs on there that never reply but only bombard you with a self promotion. I think it’s a very apt word to describe them.
  • I enjoy seein what the like of Chris Moyles, Stephen Fry, Kelley Armstrong and Allan Carr are up to.
  • I love Stephen Fry, he does a great twitter and often does reply to people!
  • [quote=Emma B]I enjoy seein what the like of Chris Moyles, Stephen Fry, Kelley Armstrong and Allan Carr are up to. [/quote]

    Do you think they enjoy seeing what you are up to Emma?
  • And does Stephen Fry love you JH?
  • I think he is your biggest fan Stan.

    He wrote me this note, to give to you:

    My name is Stephen Fry
    I'm a smiley cuddly guy.
    I am the biggest fan
    of the talkbacker, Stan.
  • Now why don't I believe you?!
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